The exhibition of ‘Nikhoj (Missing)’

A young and enthusiastic film maker, dreaming to step a mark in the film industry utilizing all his talent and potential was invited at the Development Research Initiative (dRi) to show his latest creation, the short film ‘Nikhoj (Missing)’. The film was indeed a brave one depicting the rising fundamentalism in the country on the back of the ‘Holy Artisan’ terror attack. It was more about the doleful stories of the families losing their beloved children in the face of attraction to fundamentalist terrorism. The story of bondage getting pierced, love getting dismantled, friendship losing trust was brilliantly exhibited in the film. Arefin Rabby Shando, the director of the film mentioned, ‘it is not possible to bear the grief of those who lost their beloved ones or expose their feelings in a ten-minute-story. I just tried to make an effort to bring in front the stories happening around as it is.’ The dRi officials present on the day watched the film with full excitement. The film truly enchanted the audience and the post-show discussion was equally exciting with full of emotions, experiences and opinions.

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