Retreat 2016…Fun and Enjoy!

Recreation and excursion turns individual more active and works as a catalyst to start working with new enthusiasm. It has been planned for some time by the dRi officials to arrange a trip to some place and finally the retreat was all set with the participation of almost all the members of dRi family. This ‘Fun and Enjoy’ trip turned out to be the rare opportunity to learn from each other through sharing everyone’s own views and experience. The dRi team started for the Saint Martin’s Island by bus on 6th October, 2016 from Dhaka. It was a great fun on the way and after a deep sleep at night everyone explored the beautiful Naaf River in a greenish environment on both sides of the river. So the team reached Teknaf and headed to the island by a ship. Although it took almost three hours to reach the island, but it did not take long for them to jump into the deep blue sea water. Having finished rumbling on the beach a football match was held between the married and unmarried members of dRi family where the married team won the match. In the evening members of the dRi family had good discussion among themselves on their experience at dRi and on how to enrich dRi more, sipping hot coffee sitting on the beach.


The next day the team started to the Chera Island riding on a trawler early in the morning. After having a good chit-chat and a lot of fun at Chera Island they came back to the St. Martin’s island by noon. Arrangement for the cultural show in the evening began after the lunch. Some prepared the stage for the cultural show and others went through their dress rehearsal. Finally the show began at 7pm in the evening with a chorus song composed by the managing director of dRi Mr. Nasir Haider and performed by Afrin Sultana Asha, Sharmin Akhter, Shakila Sharmin, Miskaat Jahan and Mr. Nasir Haider. After this inaugural song five male and five female members of dRi performed few patriotic and modern Bangla songs. Then Sharmin Akhter and Ali Newaz Khan played a comedy drama named Hello Bangladesh followed by a solo song O Priyo by Miskaat Jahan. A game show named Porjobekkhon (Observation) was staged by four of the dRi members. The game show was followed by the parody recitation by Zabir Hossen of the famous poetry, Tomar chokh eto laal keno? (Why are your eyes so red?) by Nirmolendu Guun. Then S M Shahid Hasan Dip sung the song Tomay hrid majare rakhibo, chere dibo na followed by a combined Gombhira song performed by Faruq Hossain  and Ali Newaz Khan and a solo song by Meraz Ahamed. At this stage of the programme Md. Ashraful Alam Soikot mimicked the daily behavior of some of the dRi members. It was followed by the last performance of solo dance by Shakila Sharmin. The last but not the least attraction of the cultural programme was the prize giving ceremony. Having finished the cultural programme, the dRi family enjoyed the bar-b-que party and campfire together at night.


On the next day-break they visited the Chera Island again but this time riding on bicycle. After coming back from Chera Island they spent some time in the local market. Eventually this wonderful trip came to an end when the dRi team rode on the trawler at noon towards Dhaka.

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