Research Accomplished

Endline Study of Initiatives for Married Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment (IMAGE) Project

‘Initiatives for Married Adolescent Girl's Empowerment (IMAGE)’ aims to ensure a life with dignity for early-married girls in Bangl read more

Evaluation of Mobile Technology for the USAID - Agricultural Extension Project

The aim of the USAID Agricultural Extension Project is to build capacity and strengthen the agricultural extension sys read more

Baseline of the Girls Advocacy Programme

In the Girls Alliance Advocacy (GAA), Plan Nederland (lead), Defense for Children-ECPAT Nederland and Terre des Hommes Nederland have joined hands read more

Classroom or Community? Evaluating Two Ways of Delivering Financial Education to BRAC Microfinance Members

This study measured the impacts of a financial education initiative by BRAC in Bangladesh using a randomized control t read more

Research on the Vulnerabilities of Children with Disability (CWDs) From Low-income Households.

Save the Children is implementing a project titled ‘Inclusive Protection and Empowerment Project for Children wi read more

Economic Impact of Tuberculosis (TB) among Bangladeshi Population and Economic Evaluation of the Current Approaches of Tuberculosis control in Bangladesh

This PhD research is conducted by Dr. Mohammad Rifat Haider, PhD candidate, Health Services Policy and Management, Uni read more

Improving Access to Justice through Human Rights Education and Community Mediation-4th Phase

In order to improve access to justice of disadvantaged and marginalized communities, NagorikUddag implemented a projec read more

Developing Manuals for CBO facilitated by Chittagong People-led Development Project

The main objective of this project was to develop manuals and guidelines required for the administrative and manageria read more

Renters are renters! Assessing tenants-renters relationship in Dhaka’s low income settlements built on private lands

The low-income settlements built in the suburb of Dhaka are usually dominated by the owners of the settlements and less is explored regarding the t read more

The ADB’s impact on food security in South Asia: ADB Agriculture Project Case Study of Bangladesh

The Asian Development Bank has a project in Bangladesh titled Southwestern Area Integrated Water Resources Planning and Management. The project are read more

Community and Institutional Responses to the Challenges facing poor Urban People in an era of Global Warming in Bangladesh

This research seeks to create policy relevant knowledge about how climate change impacts on the livelihoods and living conditions of poor urban peo read more

Institutional Study of BNWLA Shelter Homes

Female victims of domestic violence without refuge are housed and rehabilitated in BNWLA’s shelter homes. The study explored an institutional read more

Estimating Unaccounted Contribution of Women to GDP: The Case of Bangladesh

Women’s contribution is under-represented in Bangladesh and studies have shown that if paid and unpaid work performed by women was taken into read more

Data Quality Audit for the Profitable Opportunities for Food Security (PROOFS) Project

The PROOFS project aims to improve households’ income, nutritional status and food security through promoting farm and off farm improved tech read more

Citizen Experiences of the Legal System

This study covered the aspects of different types of crimes that frequently occur in Bangladesh. The study was focused on how these crimes affect t read more

Community Based Policing Project (Base Line Study)

This baseline study covered the following aspects: (i) facilitated the design of an appropriate implementation structure for the CBP program; (ii) read more

Documentation of Best practices of the project “Empowering the poor through federations”

The documentation of best practices was the result of collective contribution by concerned stakeholders (i.e. the project staffs and trainers, deci read more

The State of Cities, BRAC University – with BRAC University

The venture intended to study urban services through the lens of urban governance. With intensive research, it concentrated on the different forms read more

Assessing the impact of ‘Promoting Safe Migration and Local Development in Eight Districts in Bangladesh’

Jointly implemented by WARBE Development Foundation and Bangladesh Women Migrant Association (BOMSA), the project was cofounded by the European Uni read more

Monitoring and Evaluation of Legal Empowerment Interventions

This is a project for reviewing BLAST’s monitoring and evaluation framework, including strategies, tools and indicators in order to develop a read more

Developing Climate Change Toolkit for the Journalist under ERCAC Project

Global discussion on climate change has now spread from the scientists and climate specialists through policy makers to journalists. It is the duty read more

An Examination of Property Disputes in Bangladesh: Identifying a Way Forward

The core objective of this study was to evaluate the consequences of property conflict by identifying both the financial cost and time cost of such read more

Conducting Anthropological Study on Property Disputes in Bangladesh

This research sought the differences in the management of inheritance property in two religious communities: minority read more

Good Practice Research for the National Integrity Strategy Support Project in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh- with IC Net Limited, 2015

The government of Bangladesh adopted the National Integrity Strategy (NIS) in 2012 and consequently, introduced a numb read more

Bangladesh Community Legal Services

CLS is a five-year programme fund that provides grants to 30 local NGOs to support the delivery of community legal ser read more

Bangladesh Commercial Bank Survey

The study is supported by the Innovation and Growth project of UK’s DFID office in Dhaka. The main target of this study was to understand the read more

Impact Evaluation of Property Rights Initiative Project

The Property Rights Initiative (PRI) launched by BRAC is dedicated to protecting and promoting human rights of the poor and marginalized through le read more

Best practice documentation of the project “Empowering the poor through federations” of RDRS, Bangladesh – with Rangpur Dinajpur Development Society (RDRS), 2011

RDRS Bangladesh works with the rural poor and their organizations in order to establish and claim their rights as citi read more

Final Evaluation of ‘Empowering the Poor through Federations’ (EPF) project

The project was co-funded by the European Commission and DCA, FCA, CoS and NCA. dRi was responsible for carrying out the final evaluation of the pr read more

Mid-term Evaluation of the Pro-poor Initiative for Disaster Risk Reduction Understanding Climate Vulnerability and Economic Development (PRODUCE) Project

dRi was assigned to conduct the mid-term evaluation of the project. This study presented findings on the impact of the project on the lives of the read more

Climate Related Shocks and Stresses, Coping Strategies and their Consequences: A Pilot Study in Barguna

This is a Pilot Study on a project initiated by WFP Bangladesh in Barguna district to develop greater understanding of climate related shocks and s read more

Conducting a Survey for the Project on Coordinated Country Case Studies – Innovation and Growth (CCS-14PG) of Raising Productivity of SME’s Bangladesh

This study was funded and supported by the “Innovation and Growth” project of UKaid. The main target of th read more

Conducting a Follow up/Midline Survey to Evaluate the Impact of Providing Vouchers that Make Loan Repayment More Flexible for Eligible Dabi & Progoti Borrowers

BRAC Microfinance Programme, Bocconi University and Stockholm University planned to conduct a follow up/midline survey read more

Conducting a Baseline Survey to Evaluate the Impact of Providing Vouchers that Make Loan Repayment More Flexible for Eligible Dabi & Progoti Borrowers

BRAC Microfinance Program, Bocconi University and Stockholm University planned to conduct a baseline survey to evaluat read more

Situation Analysis and Potential Intervention Options for Bangladesh: Special Initiative Framework.

The study was initiated with a vision to develop a wellbeing framework to assess how the urban poor people set and prioritize their goals in life a read more

Socio-ecological Vulnerability, Social Protection and Migration: An examination of fisheries livelihoods in coastal Bangladesh

This research was conducted by Iftekharul Haque as a part of his PhD study of University of Ottawa. The objective of t read more

UNHCR 3 Global Protection Strategies Evaluation: Education, Child Protection, Sexual and Gender Based Violence.

To address the protection of particularly vulnerable groups (children, women, sexual, ethnic and religious minorities, and people with special need read more

Inequality Research In Bangladesh: Unpacking Gender Identity Based Economic Inequalities

The inequality research in Bangladesh had six different key evaluation questions that includes, a) How do men and women define inequality? How do m read more

‘Her Choice - Ending Child Marriage 2016-2020’

The long-term goal of the ‘Her Choice’ programme for the period 2016-2020 is ‘to support the creation of child marriage free comm read more

Impact phase of the evolution of the Dutch Food Security in Bangladesh

To assess the impact of two Food Security projects, Safal and Blue Gold (BG) that are sponsored by the Dutch governmen read more

A0710 GEFA Longitudinal Monitoring and Independent Impact Assessment of CLP-02

CLP-2 builds on the first phase of the Chars Livelihood Program (CLP-1) and seeks to reduce extreme poverty across communities with the aim of reac read more

End of Project Evaluation for Reducing Violence Against Women (RVAW)

The program focused on promoting women’s rights and social justice within an Islamic Framework through imams and m read more

SGBV Baseline Survey for Accelerating Efforts to Prevent and Respond to Sexual and Gender Based Violence Program (SGBV)

UNDP’s SGBV project responded to the lack of institutional response to SGBV victims in Bangladesh. The key obj read more

Needs Assessment of Children Living in and around Daulatdia and Faridpur Brothels

Save the Children in Bangladesh has projects focusing on child protection and education in Daulatdia and a small-scale intervention focusing on chi read more

Thematic Study of GQAL Project

The Gender Quality Action-Learning (GQAL) Program of BRAC, works with male and female field-staff and managers in a process of issue-analysis, acti read more

Thematic Study of EEP project.

The Economic Empowerment and Vulnerable Women in Bangladesh (EEP), Narayanganj Program of BRAC, targeted to mobilize poor, vulnerable women in reso read more

In Search of a New Beginning: Analyzing the Implication of a2i in Promoting Women Empowerment Establishing in Selected Areas of Bangladesh

Access to Information (a2i-II: 2012 - 2016) is a program conducted over Bangladesh in a partnership between the Govern read more

Selected Evaluation Studies for 2014: TES on ADB Support for Gender and Development Survey.

The Independent Evaluation Department (IED) has undertaken an evaluation to assess the relevance, responsiveness and r read more

WFP and UNHCR Impact Evaluation of Food Assistance in Protracted Refugee Situation of Bangladesh

The impact evaluation was a joint WFP /UNHCR exercise and Bangladesh was one of four countries in the evaluation. The aim of the evaluation was to read more

Food Riots and Food Rights: The Moral and Political Economy of Accountability for Hunger

This research comprised of comparative country (Bangladesh, India, Kenya and Mozambique) case studies and aimed to study the causes (grievances and read more

Evaluation of the Impact of Food and Cash for Assets (FCFA) on Livelihood Resilience in Bangladesh

This assignment was conducted jointly with Baastel. This evaluation assessed the impact of WFP’s food and cash for assets (FCFA) programs wit read more

End of Project Evaluation of Gaibandha Food Security for the Ultra-Poor Women (GFSUPW) Project in North-West Bangladesh

Gaibandha Food Security for the Ultra-Poor Women (GFSUPW) project, implemented by a consortium of partners led by ICCO Cooperation, is part of the read more

Operational Research of Agriculture & Nutrition Extension Project (ANEP)

Agriculture & Nutrition Extension Project’s (ANEP) comprehensive delivery model in Bangladesh includes a nutrition component implemented read more

ADB Agriculture Project Case Study of Bangladesh – with Oxfam Australia, 2014

The Asian Development Bank has a project in Bangladesh titled read more

Analysis of Poverty and Food Insecurity Dynamics in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, and their Implications for Women & Adolescent Girls

This was a situation analysis study conducted to understand the state, extent, determinants and causes of poverty among women and adolescent girls read more

Nutrition, Gender and Power Dynamics Study

‘Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security and Linkages (SaFaL)’ is a program being implemented in the south- read more

Endline Review of Health Nutrition and Food Security (HNFS) Project

‘Health, Nutrition & Food Security (HN&FS hereinafter)’ project is working with primary school stu read more

Resilience Focused Baseline Survey, Eco-fish BD Plus Project

"Resilience Focused Baseline Survey" is a baseline research study to know about the exact socio economic condi read more

Study on Gender and Social Inclusion in Bangladesh

This study was conducted for an initial assessment of the status of women’s economic empowerment in Bangladesh context. The main objectives o read more

Sustainability Study of WFP’s Food Security for the Ultra Poor (FSUP) Project in NorthernBangladesh

Launched in 2009, this project has reached to 30,000 ultra-poor households in eight Upazilas in three Northern districts of Bangladesh. The project read more