Economic Impact of Tuberculosis (TB) among Bangladeshi Population and Economic Evaluation of the Current Approaches of Tuberculosis control in Bangladesh

This PhD research is conducted by Dr. Mohammad Rifat Haider, PhD candidate, Health Services Policy and Management, University of South Carolina, USA and Lecturer (on study leave), Public Health and Informatics, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. The study collected data on cost and treatment outcomes of the Tuberculosis (TB) patients from different parts of Bangladesh. The overall objective of the study is to assess economic burden of drug sensitive and drug resistant tuberculosis on the afflicted population of Bangladesh and to investigate economic of the current approaches of tuberculosis control in Bangladesh. The research has followed a mix-method approach and dRi is responsible for both quantitative and qualitative data collection from DSTB, MDRTB patients and service providers across 12 districts of Bangladesh. It is expected that this research will help policymakers as well as program implementers to adopt the cost-effective tuberculosis control approach in near future.

Contact Person: Dr. Mohammad Rifat Haider


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