Impact Study of School Feeding Programme

In order to conduct individual assessments as well as a comparative study, this impact study will be conducted in the intervention areas where the programme is being implemented, and also the control areas where there is no programme. So, the study will be administered in the geographic locations of both the SFPPPA and School Meal programme, specifically Jamalpur and Barguna.

This impact study aims to collect relevant and coherent information from each of the programme modalities to enable individual assessments as well as a comparative study. The study will aim to collect three categories of data. First, there will be a follow up study of the baseline to collect school level data reviewing school record. Second, data will be collected for the impact evaluation of SFPPA and School Meal Programme from school and household level, and finally there will be a survey among the female vegetable producers.

The impact study will include population covering all relevant participants and stakeholders of the SFPPPA and School Meal Programme and collect information through using various research techniques. Therefore, information will be gathered from the respondents who include, but are not limited to, students, teachers, parents and female vegetable producers.

Contact Person: Ezaz Nabi


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