A0710 GEFA Longitudinal Monitoring and Independent Impact Assessment of CLP-02

CLP-2 builds on the first phase of the Chars Livelihood Program (CLP-1) and seeks to reduce extreme poverty across communities with the aim of reaching up to one million extremely poor people in Northern Bangladesh that live on temporary sand islands (‘Chars’) along the river Jamuna, as well as Padma and Teesta. The overall objective of this evaluation is to reduce extreme poverty and support pro-poor and inclusive economic growth and social development, both in Bangladesh and globally. The evaluation aims to assess the effectiveness of CLP 2 in achieving its main objectives (impacts and outcomes) and sustaining developmental impact by strengthening household resilience. It also aims to draw lessons from CLP’s experience to inform delivery of similar programs, both within Bangladesh and globally. This impact assessment was conducted in the Char areas following a qualitative research methodology.

Contact Person: Stephanie Brockerhoff


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