Assessment of compensation and Preparation of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for Transmission Lines

The Government of Bangladesh (GoB) assigned Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. (PGCB) with support from the World Bank (WB) to implement the project “Enhancement of Capacity of Grid Substations and Transmission Lines for Rural Electrification” (ECGSTLP) under the Rural Electricity Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Project. The project is designed to implement in six cities of Bangladesh along with right of way (ROW) by PGCB. It was calculated that a total of 108.5 kilometer new grid lines needed to be set up for connection with the substations. On the other, existing 229 km double circuit line & 51 km single circuit stringing of existing 132 kV lines are required to be reconstructed. So, the IoL for the RoW of those grid lines is needed by following the World Bank safeguard policies and Government’s policies. Development Research Initiative (dRi) has been supporting PGCB to conduct the RAP for the new 108.5 kilometer long grid lines, 229 km double circuit line and 51 km single circuit stringing of existing 132 kV lines, implementation of the RAP and monitoring of the components.

Contact person: Mohammad Hossain

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