Impact phase of the evolution of the Dutch Food Security in Bangladesh

To assess the impact of two Food Security projects, Safal and Blue Gold (BG) that are sponsored by the Dutch government a midline survey was designed and fielded among samples of households that participate in one of both projects. The main objectives of this study was to improve the theories of change of the 6 main projects of the Dutch food security programme, as a basis for an improved set of indicators to monitor progress within a general food security framework and to prepare an extension of the impact evaluation work with additional work on water management issues, focused at the interface between water management and food security. It was a mix-method study and alongside the samples of beneficiary households control groups  surveyed. The survey therefore covered four subgroups, each consisting of 400 households: two beneficiary groups and two control groups. These groups were selected by choosing four different areas (districts and upazillas), and within those areas unions and villages were chosen at random.

Contact Person: Philip Dejong


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