UNHCR 3 Global Protection Strategies Evaluation: Education, Child Protection, Sexual and Gender Based Violence.

To address the protection of particularly vulnerable groups (children, women, sexual, ethnic and religious minorities, and people with special needs), in 2011–2012 UNHCR harmonised its protection frameworks to develop a new Global Framework for the Protection of Children, and updated its education and SGBV strategies. These form the focus of this evaluation. UNHCR’s protection systems for PoCs include a global strategy for SGBV, a child protection framework and a global education strategy. Between 2011 and 2012 these three strategies were conceptualised and implemented, and as of 2014, country-level implementation had taken place in 31 UNHCR ‘priority’ countries.

The evaluation aimed to provide evidence-based findings to help UNHCR improve responses for PoCs through the SGBV, Child Protection and Education strategies. This evaluation had two aims, to assess how well the three protection strategies meet their specified objectives and to explore how a combined protection package (child protection, sexual and gender based violence, and education) can improve UNHCR’s overall protection response. The study used a mix-method approach to answer the key evaluation questions.

Contact Person: Max Izenberg


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