Food Security and Nutrition

Evaluation of Mobile Technology for the USAID - Agricultural Extension Project

The aim of the USAID Agricultural Extension Project is to build capacity and strengthen the agricultural extension sys read more

The ADB’s impact on food security in South Asia: ADB Agriculture Project Case Study of Bangladesh

The Asian Development Bank has a project in Bangladesh titled Southwestern Area Integrated Water Resources Planning and Management. The project are read more

Data Quality Audit for the Profitable Opportunities for Food Security (PROOFS) Project

The PROOFS project aims to improve households’ income, nutritional status and food security through promoting farm and off farm improved tech read more

Impact phase of the evolution of the Dutch Food Security in Bangladesh

To assess the impact of two Food Security projects, Safal and Blue Gold (BG) that are sponsored by the Dutch governmen read more

WFP and UNHCR Impact Evaluation of Food Assistance in Protracted Refugee Situation of Bangladesh

The impact evaluation was a joint WFP /UNHCR exercise and Bangladesh was one of four countries in the evaluation. The aim of the evaluation was to read more

Food Riots and Food Rights: The Moral and Political Economy of Accountability for Hunger

This research comprised of comparative country (Bangladesh, India, Kenya and Mozambique) case studies and aimed to study the causes (grievances and read more

Evaluation of the Impact of Food and Cash for Assets (FCFA) on Livelihood Resilience in Bangladesh

This assignment was conducted jointly with Baastel. This evaluation assessed the impact of WFP’s food and cash for assets (FCFA) programs wit read more

End of Project Evaluation of Gaibandha Food Security for the Ultra-Poor Women (GFSUPW) Project in North-West Bangladesh

Gaibandha Food Security for the Ultra-Poor Women (GFSUPW) project, implemented by a consortium of partners led by ICCO Cooperation, is part of the read more

Operational Research of Agriculture & Nutrition Extension Project (ANEP)

Agriculture & Nutrition Extension Project’s (ANEP) comprehensive delivery model in Bangladesh includes a nutrition component implemented read more

ADB Agriculture Project Case Study of Bangladesh – with Oxfam Australia, 2014

The Asian Development Bank has a project in Bangladesh titled read more

Analysis of Poverty and Food Insecurity Dynamics in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, and their Implications for Women & Adolescent Girls

This was a situation analysis study conducted to understand the state, extent, determinants and causes of poverty among women and adolescent girls read more

Nutrition, Gender and Power Dynamics Study

‘Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security and Linkages (SaFaL)’ is a program being implemented in the south- read more

Endline Review of Health Nutrition and Food Security (HNFS) Project

‘Health, Nutrition & Food Security (HN&FS hereinafter)’ project is working with primary school stu read more

Sustainability Study of WFP’s Food Security for the Ultra Poor (FSUP) Project in NorthernBangladesh

Launched in 2009, this project has reached to 30,000 ultra-poor households in eight Upazilas in three Northern districts of Bangladesh. The project read more