Gender Rights and Violence

Baseline Study of Initiatives for Married Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment (IMAGE) Plus - with Terre des Hommes Netherlands.

With a vision to create social and behavioural change in people to improve the lives of early married girls in Banglad read more

Baseline Study of Initiatives for Married Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment (IMAGE) Plus

With a vision to create social and behavioural change in people to improve the lives of early married girls in Banglad read more

Endline Study of Initiatives for Married Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment (IMAGE) Project

‘Initiatives for Married Adolescent Girl's Empowerment (IMAGE)’ aims to ensure a life with dignity for early-married girls in Bangl read more

Baseline of the Girls Advocacy Programme

In the Girls Alliance Advocacy (GAA), Plan Nederland (lead), Defense for Children-ECPAT Nederland and Terre des Hommes Nederland have joined hands read more

Research on the Vulnerabilities of Children with Disability (CWDs) From Low-income Households.

Save the Children is implementing a project titled ‘Inclusive Protection and Empowerment Project for Children wi read more

Supervision of Recruitment Activities of Shushilan for Nari Project

NORTHERN AREAS REDUCTION-OF-POVERTY INITIATIVE (NARI) is a pilot project aiming at facilitating access to employment o read more

Institutional Study of BNWLA Shelter Homes

Female victims of domestic violence without refuge are housed and rehabilitated in BNWLA’s shelter homes. The study explored an institutional read more

Estimating Unaccounted Contribution of Women to GDP: The Case of Bangladesh

Women’s contribution is under-represented in Bangladesh and studies have shown that if paid and unpaid work performed by women was taken into read more

UNHCR 3 Global Protection Strategies Evaluation: Education, Child Protection, Sexual and Gender Based Violence.

To address the protection of particularly vulnerable groups (children, women, sexual, ethnic and religious minorities, and people with special need read more

Inequality Research In Bangladesh: Unpacking Gender Identity Based Economic Inequalities

The inequality research in Bangladesh had six different key evaluation questions that includes, a) How do men and women define inequality? How do m read more

‘Her Choice - Ending Child Marriage 2016-2020’

The long-term goal of the ‘Her Choice’ programme for the period 2016-2020 is ‘to support the creation of child marriage free comm read more

Evaluation Activities for the Best School for Girls campaign, Bangladesh

The Best School for Girls’ Campaign program aims to reduce child marriage and keep girls in schools. The program uses facilitated film screen read more

End of Project Evaluation for Reducing Violence Against Women (RVAW)

The program focused on promoting women’s rights and social justice within an Islamic Framework through imams and m read more

SGBV Baseline Survey for Accelerating Efforts to Prevent and Respond to Sexual and Gender Based Violence Program (SGBV)

UNDP’s SGBV project responded to the lack of institutional response to SGBV victims in Bangladesh. The key obj read more

Needs Assessment of Children Living in and around Daulatdia and Faridpur Brothels

Save the Children in Bangladesh has projects focusing on child protection and education in Daulatdia and a small-scale intervention focusing on chi read more

Thematic Study of GQAL Project

The Gender Quality Action-Learning (GQAL) Program of BRAC, works with male and female field-staff and managers in a process of issue-analysis, acti read more

Thematic Study of EEP project.

The Economic Empowerment and Vulnerable Women in Bangladesh (EEP), Narayanganj Program of BRAC, targeted to mobilize poor, vulnerable women in reso read more

In Search of a New Beginning: Analyzing the Implication of a2i in Promoting Women Empowerment Establishing in Selected Areas of Bangladesh

Access to Information (a2i-II: 2012 - 2016) is a program conducted over Bangladesh in a partnership between the Govern read more

Selected Evaluation Studies for 2014: TES on ADB Support for Gender and Development Survey.

The Independent Evaluation Department (IED) has undertaken an evaluation to assess the relevance, responsiveness and r read more

Analysis of Poverty and Food Insecurity Dynamics in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, and their Implications for Women & Adolescent Girls

This was a situation analysis study conducted to understand the state, extent, determinants and causes of poverty among women and adolescent girls read more

Study on Gender and Social Inclusion in Bangladesh

This study was conducted for an initial assessment of the status of women’s economic empowerment in Bangladesh context. The main objectives o read more

The Primary Education Development Program

This research project had four different objectives. Among the four objectives the first one is to develop an understa read more