Governance and Legal Issues

Gender Responsive Social Assessment for Bangladesh Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Project (SREP)

Government of Bangladesh, in cooperation with the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), ha read more

Improving Access to Justice through Human Rights Education and Community Mediation-4th Phase

In order to improve access to justice of disadvantaged and marginalized communities, NagorikUddag implemented a projec read more

Developing Manuals for CBO facilitated by Chittagong People-led Development Project

The main objective of this project was to develop manuals and guidelines required for the administrative and manageria read more

Citizen Experiences of the Legal System

This study covered the aspects of different types of crimes that frequently occur in Bangladesh. The study was focused on how these crimes affect t read more

Community Based Policing Project (Base Line Study)

This baseline study covered the following aspects: (i) facilitated the design of an appropriate implementation structure for the CBP program; (ii) read more

Documentation of Best practices of the project “Empowering the poor through federations”

The documentation of best practices was the result of collective contribution by concerned stakeholders (i.e. the project staffs and trainers, deci read more

The State of Cities, BRAC University – with BRAC University

The venture intended to study urban services through the lens of urban governance. With intensive research, it concentrated on the different forms read more

Assessing the impact of ‘Promoting Safe Migration and Local Development in Eight Districts in Bangladesh’

Jointly implemented by WARBE Development Foundation and Bangladesh Women Migrant Association (BOMSA), the project was cofounded by the European Uni read more

Monitoring and Evaluation of Legal Empowerment Interventions

This is a project for reviewing BLAST’s monitoring and evaluation framework, including strategies, tools and indicators in order to develop a read more

Developing Climate Change Toolkit for the Journalist under ERCAC Project

Global discussion on climate change has now spread from the scientists and climate specialists through policy makers to journalists. It is the duty read more

An Examination of Property Disputes in Bangladesh: Identifying a Way Forward

The core objective of this study was to evaluate the consequences of property conflict by identifying both the financial cost and time cost of such read more

Conducting Anthropological Study on Property Disputes in Bangladesh

This research sought the differences in the management of inheritance property in two religious communities: minority read more

Good Practice Research for the National Integrity Strategy Support Project in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh- with IC Net Limited, 2015

The government of Bangladesh adopted the National Integrity Strategy (NIS) in 2012 and consequently, introduced a numb read more

Bangladesh Community Legal Services

CLS is a five-year programme fund that provides grants to 30 local NGOs to support the delivery of community legal ser read more

Bangladesh Commercial Bank Survey

The study is supported by the Innovation and Growth project of UK’s DFID office in Dhaka. The main target of this study was to understand the read more

Impact Evaluation of Property Rights Initiative Project

The Property Rights Initiative (PRI) launched by BRAC is dedicated to protecting and promoting human rights of the poor and marginalized through le read more

Achieving Efficient Performance Management and Effective Governance: Potential of Annual Performance Agreement in Bangladesh

The study specifically focused on Bangladesh and made an effort to explore and explain the country's attempt of embracing the principles of New read more

In Search of a New Beginning: Analyzing the Implication of a2i in Promoting Women Empowerment Establishing in Selected Areas of Bangladesh

Access to Information (a2i-II: 2012 - 2016) is a program conducted over Bangladesh in a partnership between the Govern read more