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About dRi

120Development Research Initiative (dRi) is a leading independent consultancy, research, and evaluation center. dRi conducts dynamic research and analysis on a wide range of issues related to development, international aid, NGOs, markets, and the state. Since its inception in 2012, dRi has completed a wide array of research projects, building its reputation for generating high-quality evidence of what works in development practice. dRi research is intellectually stimulating and effective for the development of practitioners and policy reformers, by applying academic skills and creativity to real-world challenges. In the context of Low to Middle-Income Countries (LMIC) like Bangladesh, dRi offers the rare combination of academics and exceedingly trained field researchers, with expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methods, tools and techniques.

Offering a wide range of immaculately trained field researchers and experienced academicians, to date dRi has proudly accomplished more than 250 research projects, worked with 120+ development partners, and has contributed to more than 15 thematic areas. Commitment to applying academic skills and creativity to real-world challenges is at the heart of dRi’s ethos. dRi’s team of researchers come from diverse academic backgrounds, with qualifications and experience from some of the world’s best research institutions.

All field researchers, academicians, experts, and relevant personnel have in-depth knowledge of the complex socio-economic and socio-political dynamics of Bangladeshi societies, allowing for the smooth extraction of quality data from the field. This provides dRi with a unique advantage in the context of theoretical analysis of the data comparing the development picture of Bangladesh to the global one and posits it in the arena of development debate and policy formulation. Furthermore, dRi has a wide range of expert enumerators and field researchers in every district across Bangladesh, enabling vast reach and diversity in perspective.