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Data Management

dRi’s in-house team is capable to develop survey software for various data collection platforms such as Survey CTO, Open Data Kit (ODK), KOBO Toolbox, AKVO Flow, Survey Solutions, etc for quantitative research. The team is well-versed in applying complex algorithms for creating interactive process of checking data validity. Moreover, using mobile data transfer systems, the analysts are able to check the data real-time and provide feedback. Although this process takes additional time upfront before launching census fieldwork, the advantages are manifolds such as –allow phone interview, reduce overall time required for data entry, reduce chances of human error, improve data quality and facilitate greater accountability of any data error. Following data collection, the raw dataset is handed over to dRi’s quantitative expert. For quantitative data analysis, dRi employs the SPSS or STATA statistical analysis software packages. All data cleaning, labelling, transformation and analyses are documented in a software-specific scripting file (e.g. STATA ‘do’ file) for simple replication and verification. Qualitative data analysis is typically managed using the ATLAS-TI or NVIVO software suites. Full audio and/or transcriptions of the raw interviews with respondents are maintained for documentation purposes.