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Interactive Training

The need for quality of data cannot be overemphasized in conducting any primary research. A thorough training, conducted by experienced researchers, is the first building block of data quality assurance strategy. All the supervisors and field researchers undergo a 3 to 5 day long intensive training session as required by the project. The trainings are conducted by the research manager/team leader/principal investigator at dRi’s own premises located at Mirpur 13, Dhaka. The researchers are guided with in-depth details of the project at the beginning of the training session. The objectives and goals of the project and justification of the research/survey are also discussed in details. The research coordinator then provides a thorough training using the questionnaire developed for the study. Each and every question is explained and discussed. At the end of the training, a face-to-face mock interview is set among the field researchers by creating different groups consisting two field researchers in each group, where one researcher acts as a respondent and another as a researcher, using the tablets and ODK data collection tool. All the researchers are then sent for a pilot in the respective areas to ensure that they understand the questions and assess whether they can smoothly operate the data collection tool. After they are back from the pilot study, their questions and queries are addressed and the data collection tool is fine-tuned based on their feedback and thus finalized for the study.