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We had an enlightening knowledge-sharing session in June, led by our esteemed colleague, Shabiha Sultana Lubna. She delved into women field worker’s roles, the challenges they face, and the advantages of working with them.

Women field workers bring a unique perspective in the field work, possessing a deep understanding of local culture and the specific needs of women and girls. By engaging them, we ensure projects that are tailored to address the challenges faced by women, fostering their empowerment. However, in the Bangladeshi context, these remarkable women encounter various social challenges. Cultural barriers, deeply rooted gender biases, and societal expectations limit the mobility and authority of women field workers in Bangladesh. Moreover, they often face resistance and skepticism from community members who question their capabilities in traditionally male-dominated roles. But despite these hurdles, these women display remarkable resilience and determination.

Women field workers actively work towards breaking gender stereotypes, proving their competence through dedication and professionalism. They build trust within communities through open dialogue and demonstrate the positive impact they bring to individuals and families. Recognizing the indispensable contributions of women field workers in the development sector is vital. It is imperative that we support and value their expertise. As a research firm, we are committed to amplifying their voices and allowing their experiences to shape our work, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable society.

The discussions that followed the session were thought-provoking and insightful, showcasing the passion and knowledge of our employees. We appreciate everyone who contributed to the conversation and made the session a resounding success. Thank you all for attending and stay tuned for updates on our next knowledge-sharing session. We look forward to continuing our exploration of new ideas and perspectives together. Let’s make a difference!