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At dRi, our commitment to knowledge sharing runs deep, and March month’s Knowledge Sharing Session was a testament to that ethos. We had the privilege of being joined by three esteemed colleagues – Md. Mamun-Ur-Rashid, Md. Akteruzzaman, and Shameem Reza Khan – who graced us with their wealth of experience in the field of research.
Their presentation journeyed through the evolution of research, focusing on the challenges encountered in the field and the ingenious solutions devised. They emphasized key elements for successful project implementation while candidly discussing reasons behind project failures.
What truly captivated us were their real-life anecdotes, offering a glimpse into the dynamic world of field research. From unexpected hurdles to innovative solutions, each story underscored the realities and rewards of their field experience.
As we soak up the knowledge and reflect on this epic session, one thing’s crystal clear: the power of sharing experiences, challenges, and stories isn’t just about learning – it’s about igniting innovation, fostering growth, and building a stronger community.