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dRi is committed to embracing new ideas and concepts and encourages ongoing growth and development through new experiences and knowledge sharing with others. And dRi places a high value on creating a work environment that is supportive and conducive to employee well-being. To foster open communication and encourage greater sharing of knowledge and expertise, dRi has decided to hold bi-monthly sessions for the purpose of exchanging ideas and experiences among all members of the organization.

We had our very first bi-monthly knowledge-sharing session on 16 March, 2023 with a powerful presentation by one of our colleagues on Shirin Banu Mitil, Shy Girl with a Gun! Shirin Banu Mitil was a thin girl with short hair, but with a mountain range of spirit to liberate the country from the claws of then West Pakistan. She in her 20s disguised herself as a man to fight against the Pakistan army in the liberation war of Bangladesh. In independent Bangladesh, she worked to establish the rights of common people until she left the world at the age of 65.

The discussions that followed were thought-provoking and insightful, and it was great to see everyone engage in meaningful conversations on this. It’s always inspiring to have passionate and knowledgeable employees who are committed to learning and growth. We appreciate everyone who contributed to the conversation today and made the session a success. Thank you all for attending, and we look forward to the next session, where we’ll continue to explore new ideas and perspectives.