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In our latest knowledge-sharing session for September, we had the privilege of diving into dRi’s resettlement efforts, a mission we’ve been dedicated to since 2015. Sabbir Ahmed Dhali, our colleague, led the discussion, shedding light on the intricacies of resettlement work. We explored what it entails, dRi’s approach, and the various activities involved, such as LAP, RAP, ESIA, Risk and Hazard Assessments etc. The session came to life as Sabbir shared compelling field experiences, offering a real-world perspective on the challenges and successes. Additionally, our colleague, Md. Redoan Hossain, contributed his insights, making it a collaborative learning experience. This knowledge-sharing session has deepened our understanding of the intricacies of resettlement work. Stay tuned for more enlightening sessions as we continue our journey of shared knowledge at dRi.