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dRi Research Projects

SL Theme Project Title Research Method Project Status Starting Year
82 Data Auditing Verification of DATA Entries by SUDOKKHO’s Partner in the Trainee Management System Quantitative Accomplished 2017
14 Poverty and Vulnerability Urban Graduation Trajectories Research In Bangladesh (Round 02) Qualitative On-going 2020
13 Poverty and Vulnerability Urban Graduation Trajectories Research In Bangladesh (Round 01) Qualitative On-going 2019
12 Migration and Human Rights UNHCR Consultancy Services for Multi Sector Programme Planning for the Rohingya Crisis Qualitative On-going 2020
11 Health and Sanitation Trust, institutions, and collective action: how are communities responding to COVID-19 in Bangladesh? Qualitative On-going 2020
81 Education The Research and Edu-Match Project Quantitative Accomplished 2017
10 Migration and Human Rights The Periodic Update of Baselines, Indicators and Monitoring Data for Output, Outcome and Impact Indicators” Mix-method On-going 2020
65 Gender Rights and Violence The Baseline Study of “An initiative to end gender-based violence in the garment industry of Bangladesh Quantitative Accomplished 2018
80 Education Survey on Bangladesh Civil Service Officers to understand the impact of Pay Scale reform on work motivation of Government officers in Bangladesh Quantitative Accomplished 2017
40 Food Security and Nutrition Survey of Dignity Respondents Data Collection Activity Quantitative Accomplished 2018
79 Gender Rights and Violence Supervision of Recruitment Activities of Shushilan for Nari Project Qualitative Accomplished 2017
18 Food Security and Nutrition Suchana Annual Survey, 2020 Mix-method Accomplished 2020
39 Food Security and Nutrition Suchana Annual Survey, 2018 Mix-method Accomplished 2019
64 Food Security and Nutrition Suchana Annual Survey, 2017 Mix-method Accomplished 2018
38 Food Security and Nutrition Study of Measuring On-Site-Availability (OSA) of health products at service delivery sites. Phase1, 2 &3 Quantitative Accomplished 2019
63 Migration and Human Rights Social Research for the Evaluation of UNHCR’S Response to the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh Qualitative Accomplished 2018
17 Environmental Socia Assessment and Management Social Impact Assessment (SIA): Jashore-Jhenaidah Road Corridor Mix-method Accomplished 2020
37 Environmental Socia Assessment and Management Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and Stack Holder Assessment (SHA) report for extension of Kawranbazar Software Technology Park (ESIA) Mix-method Accomplished 2019
62 Governance and Legal Issues Revenue Potential of Bangladesh: An Examination of HIES Data Quantitative Accomplished 2018
61 Migration and Human Rights Research on the welfare of Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN) and the Potential impacts of this Population influx on the local economy at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Quantitative Accomplished 2018
60 Education Research on the Politics of Implementing Social Protection in Bangladesh Accomplished 2018
9 Poverty and Vulnerability Qualitative Research on Impacts of Covid-19 on Urban Extreme Poor Qualitative On-going 2020
8 Migration and Human Rights Public Perception Survey – Partnership for a Tolerant, Inclusive Bangladesh (PTIB) Mix-method On-going 2020
78 Poverty and Vulnerability Psychological Well-being Research Mix-method Accomplished 2017
59 Poverty and Vulnerability Pathway to Sustainable Development and Human Dignity and Choice Mix-method Accomplished 2018
58 Governance and Legal Issues Nutrition at the Centre—Final Evaluation Qualitative Accomplished 2018
19 Food Security and Nutrition Nourishing Dreams: Improving the Quality of Adolescents’ Diets Mix-method On-going 2019
7 Gender Rights and Violence Needs Assessment Study: Addressing childcare needs of low-income women in urban Bangladesh Mix-method On-going 2020
15 Environmental Socia Assessment and Management National survey on ‘livelihood and well-being Quantitative On-going 2020
57 Child and Youth Development Midterm Evaluation for the Project “Sushikka o Susasther Mahdhomy Surokkha (SSS)” Mix-method Accomplished 2018
6 Governance and Legal Issues Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Study of Employers and Workers of Bangladesh on Factory Licensing, Complaints Management and Accidents Reporting Mix-method On-going 2020
36 Child and Youth Development Interdisciplinary exploration of child mental health provision in Dhaka low-income communities Qualitative Accomplished 2019
154 Gender Rights and Violence Institutional Study of BNWLA Shelter Homes Qualitative Accomplished 2008
56 Governance and Legal Issues Industrial Community Policing: Scopes Challenges and Way Forward; Department of International Relationship Mix-method Accomplished 2018
77 Food Security and Nutrition Impact Study of School Feeding Programme Quantitative Accomplished 2017
35 Gender Rights and Violence Impact of The NARI Project On Women’s Capacity Development and Socio-Economic Empowerment Quantitative Accomplished 2019
5 Gender Rights and Violence Her Choice: Ending Child Marriage (End-line) Mix-method On-going 2020
76 Environmental Socia Assessment and Management Gender Responsive Social Assessment for Bangladesh Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Project (SREP) Qualitative Accomplished 2017
75 Gender Rights and Violence Gender Integration in Four Programs of BRAC: An Approach to Ensure Gender Equality Qualitative Accomplished 2017
55 Poverty and Vulnerability Feasibility Study on Extending Recruitment of Trainees in Other Districts for NARI Project Qualitative Accomplished 2018
74 Education Evaluation Activities for the Best School for Girls campaign Mix-method Accomplished 2017
34 Food Security and Nutrition Endline survey under EcoFish Project Quantitative Accomplished 2019
91 Health and Sanitation Economic Impact of Tuberculosis (TIB) among Bangladeshi Population and Economic Evaluation of the Current Approaches of Tuberculosis control in Bangladesh Mix-method Accomplished 2016
54 Poverty and Vulnerability Development of Skills ‘Household Survey 2018’ Quantitative Accomplished 2018
33 Gender Rights and Violence Development of M&E framework and results with annualized costs for the National Action Plan on VAW (NAPVAW) 2018-2030” Qualitative Accomplished 2019
32 Poverty and Vulnerability Delivering SDGs at the Local Level: A Study on the Efficiency of Social Protection Programmes in the North-west Districts of Bangladesh Mix-method Accomplished 2019
4 Health and Sanitation COVID-19 Rapid Urban Assessment Survey Quantitative On-going 2020
3 Health and Sanitation COVID-19 Rapid Surveys – 2020 Quantitative On-going 2020
53 Environmental Socia Assessment and Management Consulting Services for RAP and SEP preparation for Power Transmission Program in Western Zone of Bangladesh Quantitative Accomplished 2018
52 Gender Rights and Violence Consultancy service for survey data collection of Local Level IMAGE plus research Mix-method Accomplished 2018
51 Gender Rights and Violence Conducting Monitoring Survey for Working with Women, Phase 2, Project Qualitative Accomplished 2018
30 Gender Rights and Violence Conducting midline study for working with women-2, Project Mix-method Accomplished 2019
73 Health and Sanitation Conducting Final Evaluation of ‘Working with Women Project Quantitative Accomplished 2017
50 Health and Sanitation Conducting Baseline Study for WASH SDG Project Quantitative Accomplished 2018
30 Gender Rights and Violence Conducting an Effectiveness/Outcome study of the project “Facilitating access to health for factory workers through an insurance system Quantitative Accomplished 2019
49 Gender Rights and Violence Conducting a situation Analysis of Gender Integration in BRAC Qualitative Accomplished 2018
90 Poverty and Vulnerability Conducting a Follow up/Midline Survey to Evaluate the Impact of Providing Vouchers that Make Loan Repayment More Flexible for Eligible Dabi & Progoti Borrowers Quantitative Accomplished 2016
48 Health and Sanitation Conducting “Baseline for Gazipur City Corporation‟ under WASH SDG Project” Mix-method Accomplished 2018
47 Food Security and Nutrition Conduct Survey for Tilapia Performance Study -WorldFish Bangladesh Office    Quantitative Accomplished 2018
46 Health and Sanitation Collecting data for performance monitoring survey of FSM Programme Quantitative Accomplished 2018
16 Governance and Legal Issues Co-operative and Community Based Fisheries to ACE Water Cooperatives project Mix-method Accomplished 2020
89 Education Classroom or Community? Evaluating Two Ways of Delivering Financial Education to BRAC Microfinance Members Mix-method Accomplished 2016
45 Gender Rights and Violence Child Marriage Alliance (Her Choice – HC) Project- Mid-line Mix-method Accomplished 2018
88 Gender Rights and Violence Child Marriage Alliance (Her Choice – HC) Project- Baseline Mix-method Accomplished 2016
29 Migration and Human Rights Building Resilience and Improving Learning Outcomes: Assessment, intervention and evaluation of Rohingya Refugee Children Education Mix-method Accomplished 2019
72 Migration and Human Rights BRAC Rohingya Refugee Situation in Bangladesh Mix-method Accomplished 2017
71 Food Security and Nutrition Bi-annual Survey for Suchana Mix-method Accomplished 2017
44 Education Baseline Survey of Shishuder Jonno Program Quantitative Accomplished 2018
2 Gender Rights and Violence Baseline Survey for Advancing Women’s Right of Access to Information in Bangladesh Mix-method On-going 2020
70 Health and Sanitation Baseline Study of Initiatives for Married Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment (IMAGE) Plus Mix-method Accomplished 2017
87 Gender Rights and Violence Baseline of the Girls Advocacy Programs Mix-method Accomplished 2016
28 Migration and Human Rights Baseline KAP survey – Gender and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Host and Refugee Communities”. Mix-method Accomplished 2019
69 Food Security and Nutrition Baseline and Evaluation of: Geo-Potato Project.           Quantitative Accomplished 2017
1 Poverty and Vulnerability Bangladesh Rural Enterprise Survey Mix-method On-going 2020
86 Governance and Legal Issues Bangladesh Community Legal Services Qualitative Accomplished 2016
85 Governance and Legal Issues Bangladesh Commercial Bank Survey Qualitative Accomplished 2016
27 Food Security and Nutrition Assessment of the impact Under “Ecopond and Empowerment of women Project Mix-method Accomplished 2019
68 Environmental Socia Assessment and Management Assessment of Compensation and Preparation of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for Transmission Lines in enhancement of capacity of grid sub-station and transmission line for rural electrification project (ECGSTLP) Project of PGCB. (CPN:S-98) Mix-method Accomplished 2017
43 Migration and Human Rights Application of Migration Policy for Decent Work for Migrant Workers Mix-method Accomplished 2018
26 Health and Sanitation Annual performance monitoring survey 2019 for Khulna City Corporation, Jhenaidah and Kushtia Paurashavas under CWISE Project Mix-method Accomplished 2019
25 Health and Sanitation Annual performance monitoring survey 2019 for Jashore and Benapole Paurashavas under WASH SDG Programme Mix-method Accomplished 2019
42 Food Security and Nutrition An Impact assessment of EAMDA’s banana initiative to increase technology adoption by smallholder farmers in Kenya Quantitative Accomplished 2018
24 Gender Rights and Violence Advancing Women’s Rights in Bangladesh: End of Project Evaluation Mix-method Accomplished 2019
41 Gender Rights and Violence Addressing Child Marriage in Bangladesh: Developing a Behavioral Change Intervention Using Social Media Mix-method Accomplished 2018
23 Others Action Research on Financial Viability of “Workplace Wellbeing Management” Business Model Mix-method Accomplished 2019
84 Governance and Legal Issues Achieving Efficient Performance Management and Effective Governance: Potential of Annual Performance Agreement in Bangladesh Qualitative Accomplished 2016
22 Migration and Human Rights Access to Justice Assessment Qualitative Accomplished 2019
83 Poverty and Vulnerability A0710 GEFA Longitudinal Monitoring and Independent Impact Assessment of CLP-02 Qualitative Accomplished 2016
21 Governance and Legal Issues “Reducing Barriers for Uniformed Women in UN Peace Operation” Qualitative On-going 2019
67 Poverty and Vulnerability “Impact evaluation of providing vouchers that make loan repayment more flexible for BRAC’s eligible Dabi and Progoti borrowers”. Quantitative On-going 2017
20 Governance and Legal Issues “Anti – Corruption Evidence (ACE)” and “Research, Policy and Good governance (RPGG)”  Qualitative On-going 2019
66 Environmental Socia Assessment and Management “Consulting Services for Assessment of Compensation and Preparation of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for Design, Supply, and Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 33 kV River Crossings’. (CPN:S-102) “ Mix-method On-going 2017
SL Theme Project Title Research Method Project Status Starting Year