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The study on work environments and careers in garment factories in South Asia is being conducted by researchers at Texas A&M University (USA), the Indian Statistical Institute, and the Lahore School of Economics. dRi has been appointed to execute the factory worker survey for this study in Bangladesh. The survey is designed to better understand the work environments, job opportunities, and career transitions in the apparel sector as perceived by current male and female garment factory workers in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. dRi’s services include survey questionnaire development assistance, coordination of survey activities, conducting pilot surveys, and the implementation of a survey covering 3,000 factory workers. This comprehensive approach ensures robust data collection and valuable insights into the work environments and career trajectories within the garment industry in South Asia.


Serial No: 272

Theme: Financial Inclusion

Research Method: Quantitative

Partner: Texas A&M University

Starting Year: 2024

Study Area: Savar, Gazipur, Dhaka