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mPower Social Enterprises Ltd. is implementing a project named ‘Geodata to Control Potato Late Blight in Bangladesh (GEO-POTATO)’. GEO-POTATO will develop and implement a decision support service (DSS) in Bangladesh for an optimal control strategy of late blight in potato. The DSS will provide farmers with preventive spray advice when a late blight infection period is predicted to occur. The DSS also evaluates past sprays, which may result in curative spray advice when, despite past sprays, infection is likely to have occurred in the past few days. GEOPOTATO aims at becoming the preferred agricultural advice service for over 750,000 small farmers in Bangladesh that grow potatoes on 450,000 ha in the dry winter season. Initially the main objective was to conduct a baseline survey with 250 and evaluation survey also 250 potato farmers in Munsigonj and completion of survey report. dRi completed the baseline study

Serial No: 69

Theme: Food Security and Nutrition

Research Method: Quantitative

Partner: mPower Social enterprises limited

Starting Year: 2017

Study Area: Munshiganj