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Consistent with the monitoring and evaluation plan of CGIP, a characterization study was planned by WorldFish for implementation between November and December 2020. The purpose was to collect baseline data on existing carp and tilapia farming systems and farmers’ willingness to pay for genetically improved  seed. dRi was assigned to implement the study in 64 districts of Bangladesh and dRi conducted 4500 surveys on fish farmers.
The study provided an opportunity to identify areas that require targeted interventions for: 1) enhanced performance of improved carp and tilapia strains and farming systems; 2) improved livelihoods among farmers; better environmental impacts. In other words, the study provided: 1) recommendations for targeted interventions to support adoption of improved carp and tilapai strains and farming systems; 2) insights and evidences about demand for improved seed and expected market penetration; 3) potential social, economic, and environmental impacts associated with adoption of improved carp and tilapia strains and systems.


Serial No: 188

Theme: Food Security and Nutrition

Research Method: Mixed method

Partner: WorldFish

Starting Year: 2020

Study Area: