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The Hunger Project Bangladesh, country’s largest volunteer-driven development organization, is going to implement a project titled “Online Training for Journalists – Fulfilling the Promise of the National Integrity Strategy” in collaboration with The Asia Foundation with an aim to capacitate and encourage 305 local journalists and civil society leaders across the country for promoting investigative journalism in specific aspects of corruption. This project will design and develop two online NIS/RTI certificate course modules to train the journalists and civil society leaders on how to utilize the tools enumerated in the National Integrity Strategy (NIS) including their Right to Information (RTI) to improve government accountability in 64 districts of Bangladesh. In order to assess the attitudinal and substantive learning needs of journalists and civil society leaders The Hunger Project Bangladesh awarded dRi to conduct a baseline study. dRi conducted 170 surveys and 06 KIIs through Google form and other online platform. The findings from the Baseline study determined the potential journalists and civil society leaders’ level of knowledge about NIS and RTI before the training, awareness about local governance challenges, skills on how to make investigative journalism and use of RTI requests and attitudes and motivation about journalism.

Serial No: 197

Theme: Governance and Legal Issues

Research Method: Mixed method

Partner: The Hunger Project

Starting Year: 2021

Study Area: 64 Districts