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To address some of the more significant challenges that Rohingya children face, national and international organizations have assisted in the training of 3,147 learning instructors across 1,898 learning centers inside Rohingya camps in the Cox’s Bazar area of Bangladesh. These centers have provided access to non-formal educational activities for some 140,423 Rohingya children. In order to produce an effective life-skills training, for Harvard FXB, dRi conducted a comprehensive assessment of the current architecture for delivery of educational services in Cox’s Bazar. This educational need assessment examined the impact and any existing challenges of current learning programs, as well as the educational, learning and psychosocial support needs and articulated wishes and priorities of the students and their parents. It further informed appropriate indicators for the evaluation framework. Total sample size for this study was 990.

Serial No: 29

Theme: Migration and Human Rights

Research Method: Mix-method

Partner: Harvard FXB Center for Health and Human Rights

Starting Year: 2019

Study Area: Cox's Bazar