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This study measured the impacts of a financial education initiative by BRAC in Bangladesh using a randomized control trial (RCT) approach. With the primary motivation of protecting vulnerable clients from over-indebtedness and enabling them to better utilize the available services, BRAC microfinance programme has been implementing a financial education project since 2012.

A Customer Service Agent (CSA) conducts these training for BRAC microfinance members who are considered to be more vulnerable in terms of their ability to manage personal finances. Trainings are also offered to the first-time borrowers to inform them about the terms and conditions, and group leaders who can disseminate the information further to their respective group members. This evaluation study combined experimental quantitative assessments with qualitative process evaluation.

Serial No: 89

Theme: Education

Research Method: Mix-method

Partner: BRAC

Starting Year: 2016

Study Area: Mymensingh Kishoreganj