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This is a Pilot Study on a project initiated by WFP Bangladesh in Barguna district to develop greater understanding of climate related shocks and stresses, coping strategies adopted by the rural households in such vulnerable areas, and the consequences of the disaster events and coping strategies. This study draws on WFP’s previous work on this issue. A strategic review and a collaborative study on the impacts of climate related shocks indicate that the outcomes of vulnerability to climatic shocks are not only driven by the disaster itself but also by the ex-ante mitigation strategies and ex-post coping strategies adopted by the vulnerable households. Resilience program in this district has ended its 3-year intervention period. dRi was assigned to collect data from the treatment and control group households as per the project goals and objectives.


Serial No: 114

Theme: Poverty and Vulnerability

Research Method: Quantitative

Partner: World Food Programme (WFP)

Starting Year: 2015

Study Area: Barguna