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The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is implementing a project in Bangladesh titled “Countering the Threats of Drugs and Crime in Cox’s Bazar District, Bangladesh” with the aim to build knowledge, capacities and resilience to counter the threats of drugs and crime in Cox’s Bazar. Through this project UNODC will generate evidence on the drugs and crime situation, increase knowledge and understanding of drugs and crime issues and expand the evidence base for policy and operational decisions as well as undertake family skills-based programmes to strengthen capacities of families and caregivers to prevent negative social outcomes in children.  As part of this project, dRi, on behalf of UNODC is now going to coduct a crime victimization and drug use survey in Cox’s Bazar in order to collect evidence on forms of gender-based violence, petty crimes, corruption, trafficking affecting daily life of citizens, and other types of victimization in order to assess their prevalence and prevailing typologies. The finding from this survey will provide baseline indicators to track future progress and formulate relevant policies.

Serial No: 213

Theme: Social Crime

Research Method: Quantitative

Partner: UNDP

Starting Year: 2021

Study Area: Cox’s Bazar