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Spreeha Bangladesh Foundation has undertaken a project for the children of Rayerbazar Urban Slum titled “Duronto: Education for Children”. Funded by the Give2Asia, Spreeha is implementing the project to ensure the early childhood care for preschoolers, develop soft skills among the school going students, empower adolescent girls through right-based knowledge, provide financial support for the students in education and raise awareness towards education in the community. Since the project ended in December 2021, Spreeha administered an end-line evaluation study in the intervention area, that is Rayerbazar Urban Slum of Dhaka in order to assess the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the project. dRi on behalf of Spreeha conducted the evaluation study following a mixed method approach while the study team measured the changes of the baseline statistics along with the end targets and identifyied the potential lessons in order to incorporate those in future strategic decision making.


Serial No: 220

Theme: Education

Research Method: Mixed method

Partner: Spreeha

Starting Year: 2021

Study Area: Dhaka