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The Best School for Girls Campaign program aims to reduce child marriage and keep girls in schools. The program uses facilitated film screenings and other activities to reduce child marriage and keep girls in school. The campaign also aims to influence attitudes and behaviors, such as parents’ beliefs about girls’ education and safety, and students’ engagement in behaviors that promote girls’ education. The objective of the evaluation activities is to do a quasi-experiment through conducting a baseline and endline survey by surveying students at new schools that joined the campaign in 2017 and students who attend comparison (“control”) schools in similar upazillas.

Another objective of this project is to collect qualitative data at new schools that join the campaign in 2017 and at schools that joined the campaign in 2014-2016. The study has three different phases and in the first phase Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and Key Informant Interview (KII) was conducted in schools that already joined the campaign since 2013. At present the second phase of this study is going on and both quantitative and qualitative survey is being conducted in the schools that joined the campaign in 2017.

Theme: Education

Research Method: Mix-method

Project Status: Accomplished

Starting Year: 2017

Partner: The Aspen Institute

Study Area: Satkira, Meherpur, Naogaon, Moulavibazar