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The government of Bangladesh has planned to implement a national school feeding programme for expanding the services to serve all children enrolled in Government Primary Schools (GPS) throughout the country. Therefore, WFP administered a feasibility study of the school feeding programme with cooperation with the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MoPME) and DPE and awarded dRi to implement the feasibility. The main purpose of this study was to find out and choose the right food items, ensure food value and nutrition and to determine the appropriate supply chain management system for defining right mode of payments and detailed financial arrangements. The preferences of students and guardians, feeding options in terms of ingredients, labour, logistics and technology related to production and procurement, financial arrangements, capacity constraints and risk factors etc. also examined and assessed by this study.
For conducting the study, dRi conducted total 4,160 Student-Caregiver pair survey, 416 Headteachers survey, survey with 416 School Managing Committee (SMC) from 416 schools across the 16 districts of Bangladesh.  Moreover, 40 FGDs, 07 IDIs, 54 KIIs were conducted by dRi to understand the perception and preferences of parents regarding cooked meals or preparedness, perception, management capacity, constraints, and risk factors of schools; to learn about the significant concerns from the project point of view including financial and economic aspects; to identify the availability of different food types, supply chain, which includes manufacturing, procurement, transportation, safe storage facilities, handling, delivery, and distribution. Furthermore, schools were visited and observed to learn about storage facilities, cooking facilities including the availability of kitchen appliances, cooking ware, spaces etc.   Local cattle/chicken producer’s firms were also visited by dRi in order to get an idea about their production capacity and transportation facilities

Serial No: 240

Theme: Food Security and Nutrition

Research Method: Mixed Method

Partner: World Food Programme

Starting Year: 2022

Study Area: 16 Districts