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The project entitled “Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Support to the Rohingya refugee population and Bangladeshi host communities” is being fully implemented by Caritas Bangladesh and is coordinated by Caritas Spain through the country responsible person. This project is a component of a larger effort to support the restoration of rights for both the Bangladeshi community and the Rohingya refugee population. The initiative focuses on the adoption of water supply, sanitation, and hygiene practices in order to improve gender-specific access to water, sanitation, and hygiene. The core objective of this project was to provide accountability and assess the results achieved in relation to those planned, especially to AECID as the main external donor of the project. dRi provided a comprehensive analysis of the project’s relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, expected impact, and sustainability, while also considering gender and human rights perspectives. dRi conducted the study following the mixed-method data collection method and in the data collection method, there were 8 FGD, 10 IDI, 19 KII, 3 Case Studies, 6 Observations, and the survey of the right holders.

Serial No: 254

Theme: Health and Sanitation

Research Method: Mixed Method

Partner: Caritas Bangladesh

Starting Year: 2023

Study Area: Rohingya Refugee community in the Camp 4 (F) 17 (B, A) blocks of Cox’s Bazar and Bangladeshi Host community residing in Jaliya Plalong 2,4,7,9 wards Haldia Palong 3 ward of Cox’s Bazar