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The purpose of this initiative was to develop proposal for addressing violence against women and children in coordination with prospective stakeholders (including BRAC’s programmes). The following areas were addressed though the activities, 1) Review the project learning (including best practices, challenges, recommendations) along the proposal, SOP, operational plan of existing project, 2) Literature review, especially on existing frameworks to fight against violence against women and children 3) Impart interviews/discussion with relevant personnel, both of fields and HO 4) Prepare project proposal (addressing project goal, objectives, input activities, output, outcomes) 5) Review the prepared document (i.e. project proposal) as per feedback from BRAC 6) Prepare Final Proposal for Addressing VAWC as per feedback from Programme/BRAC

Serial No: 161

Theme: Gender Rights and Violence

Research Method: Qualitative

Partner: BRAC

Starting Year: 2018

Study Area: Dhaka