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This study aims to understand how BRAC-GJD has forwarded BRAC’s vision to free the world from all forms of exploitation and discrimination, where women, men and youth have the opportunity to realise their potential through this new approach of gender integration. The study intends to examine how GJD and programs (MF, HNPP, BEP and Enterprise) have jointly implemented BRAC’s corporate gender strategies at organizational and community levels. To understand the process of gender integration in the selected programs of BRAC, this study intends to carry out a detailed assessment following a qualitative approach. The assessment analyzed the strategies and activities that have already been adopted for meeting the needs of the both female and male participants of the programs by undertaking reviews and stakeholder consultations.

The assessment enabled to clearly understand of the process that have been followed by the four programs and generate comprehensive set of operational recommendations for gender integration in future. Specifically, the proposed assessment included the following specific component: a) An in-depth process documentation of gender integration initiatives in the four programs [Microfinance, BRAC Education Programme (BEP), BRAC Health Nutrition and Population Programme (HNPP) and BRAC Enterprises] by intensive consultation with stakeholders at the BRAC Headquarters and field level staff in four districts, and construct a qualitative baseline by recall (e.g. this is how we used to do this before and now we do this way);

Serial No: 75

Theme: Gender Rights and Violence

Research Method: Qualitative

Partner: BRAC

Starting Year: 2017

Study Area: Jessore.