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The Property Rights Initiative (PRI) launched by BRAC is dedicated to protecting and promoting human rights of the poor and marginalized through legal empowerment. It aims to ensure access to property rights for poor and vulnerable people, particularly women in Bangladesh. The objectives of this evaluation are to identify the project’s contribution in producing benefit (e.g. enhancing knowledge, empowering community in terms of legal, social and economic and women’s access to land) set in objective as well as result framework, any changes that have happened in the communities, reducing poverty through PRI initiative, particularly due to intervention by BRAC trained LEs, existing barriers in regard to secure property and land rights in general and particularly women in Bangladesh, the lessons that can be drawn from the program for further development, windows of opportunities (future initiative, any collaboration with Govt. to establish a secure land rights to women and vulnerable community, as well as assisting government in land surveying goals using possible technological innovations) for BRAC and analysis of the Land Entrepreneur business model for impact on LEs and their families, as well as contributions to the improving community welfare and government linkages with specific attention dedicated to the differences between male and female LEs. The study has followed a mixed-method approach of combining quantitative survey data with qualitative group discussions, interviews and case study.


Serial No: 98

Theme: Governance and Legal Issues

Research Method: Mix-method

Partner: BRAC

Starting Year: 2016

Study Area: Rajshahi & Natore,Naogaon, Dinajpur,Rangpur, Gaibanda,