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Study purpose was to examine changes in socio-economic well-being resulting from mobile internet uptake and use in Bangladesh and Ghana, and how this differs between men and women, using a mixed-methods approach. The study intended to investigate the causal inference between internet access and social and economic outcomes, how this differs for men and women, and the mechanisms by which this impact occurs. A stratified sampling approach was used in this study. Sample size for the quantitative study is 5500 and data will be collected from 11 districts representing 8 divisions. dRi has already completed collecting qualitative data (35 KIIs) from 3 pre-selected districts.

Serial No: 171

Theme: Access to information

Research Method: Mixed method

Partner: University of Pennsylvania

Starting Year: 2020

Study Area: Gazipur,Kishorganj,Cox-Bazar, Noakhali, Jessor, Sherpur, Jhalkathi, Sunamganj, Dinajpur, Natore, Bandarban