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dRi has conducted research with a2i on the effects of digital payment of Social Safety Net (SSN) services in Bangladesh. SSN payments are provided digitally through mobile banking in Bangladesh but it might cause a problem for the poor people of our country as a significant number of our people are beyond the internet coverage. In this light, Aspire to Innovation (a2i) administered a research program titled “Minimizing Digital Divide” in Dinajpur, Faridpur and Manikganj districts of Bangladesh and awarded dRi to conduct the research on behalf of a2i. The study has looked at beneficiaries’ experiences of receiving social security programs digitally. For this study, data has been collected from the participants of social security programs in different upazilas of the above 3 districts (beneficiaries as well as those who are not beneficiaries and those involved in the implementation of social security programs).

Serial No: 223

Theme: Poverty and Vulnerability

Research Method: Qualitative

Partner: Aspire to Innovate (a2i)

Starting Year: 2022

Study Area: Dinajpur, Faridpur, Manikganj