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This research project was intended to conduct a mapping on the export-oriented ready-made garment (RMG) industry of Bangladesh and funded by the C&A Foundation. The goal of the study was to identify and enlist the RMG factories of Dhaka those are currently functioning. The survey area for the research project was Mirpur Thana and Kaliakair Thana and data was collected from 750 factories of the two survey areas. The study followed a quantitative methodology utilizing a survey questionnaire and also collected GIS locations of the factories through physical survey. The methodology for data collection was conducted using ‘snowball method’ (in Mirpur) and ‘census’ (in Kaliakair). A detailed dataset of the surveyed 750 factories was generated through this research.


Serial No: 125

Theme: Poverty and Vulnerability

Research Method: Quantitative

Partner: C & A Foundation

Starting Year: 2015

Study Area: Dhaka, Gazipur