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In Bangladesh discriminatory social norms based on gender have not been systematically analyzed, widely understood, or incorporated into financial inclusion programing. As a result, financial inclusion practitioners and policy makers lack a comprehensive understanding of how social norms contribute to women’s consistently lower rates of financial inclusion. In this light MarketShare Associates (MSA) undertook a qualitative study on Social Norms of Banglades. For this study two locations have been selected in Sylhet division, one in an urban setting and another one in peri urban setting, where gender based conservative social norms are in practice. Qualitative data were collected in 02 rounds, one was a behavior exploration and the second one was the deep dive phase. In this study, dRi worked closely with MarketShare Associates and provided support during the delivery of the study by contributing to the design of the research methodology, and leading fieldwork activities, including planning the identification of respondents, and facilitating interview. 16 FGDs and 10 KIIs were conducted by dRi with the young women between the ages of 15-28 who are unmarried and married, and those who are economically active and non-economically active to how the target group behaves in relation to the financial inclusion outcomes.


Serial No: 222

Theme: Poverty and Vulnerability

Research Method: Qualitative

Partner: MarketShare Associates (MSA)

Starting Year: 2021

Study Area: Sylhet