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The study was initiated with a vision to develop a well being framework to assess how the urban poor people set and prioritize their goals in life and to lead to pro-poor development programs catered to urban areas. Therefore, the study had four broad areas: a) status of situation of urban poor people at present; b) strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats that urban poor people face in their daily life; c) institutions that provide services/disservices and supports to urban poor and; d) potential entry points for development and private sectors to improve the situation of urban poor. This research was undertaken in five low income settlements of four Bangladeshi cities. For the macro level analysis, the main research methods have been secondary literature/documents review and key stakeholders’ interviews at the national level. In terms of micro level analysis, Focused Group Discussion (FGD), In-depth Interview (IDI) and case studies were conducted in the selected low-income settlements to explore the well being of urban poor.


Serial No: 105

Theme: Poverty and Vulnerability

Research Method: Qualitative

Partner: PORTICUS AMSTEDAM CV, Netherland

Starting Year: 2016

Study Area: Bogra & Khulna, Chittagong, Sherpur