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Suchana is a multi-sectoral nutrition program whose main objective is to end the cycle of undernutrition in Bangladesh. One of the key goals of this program is to reduce stunting (additional 6% in 3 years) amongst children under two years of age in Sylhet and Moulovibazar districts under Sylhet division in Bangladesh. The programme adopts an integrated approach combining nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive interventions to prevent chronic malnutrition within the critical 1,000 days from conception until a child reaches its second birthday. dRi conducted the annual survey for Suchana in 2018 to understand the overall annual nutritional and food security situation among the Suchana Beneficiary Households (BHHs) in line with the selected indicators in the Suchana logical framework as well as other available national and international measurements (BDHS, HIFAS, MICS, FSNSP, etc.) which allows the study to demonstrate a comparative situation on health, nutrition and food security in Bangladesh. Another objective of the project was to generate valuable evidence relating different program activities (e.g. nutritional practices, food security, knowledge/practices relating the MCHN among caregivers, fathers, engagement with GO, NGO and other stakeholders, etc.) in line with the project’s selected key indicators. dRi previously conducted Annual Survey of Suchana in 2018 and 2019. Suchana Annual Survey 2020 adopted a mixed method approach where both quantitative and qualitative method was used. Study covered Sylhet and Moulvibazar districts. Total sample size is 1506 HH Survey, 15 FGDs and 20 KIIs.

Serial No: 18

Theme: Food Security and Nutrition

Research Method: Mix-method

Partner: Save the Children

Starting Year: 2020

Study Area: Sylhet, Moulovibazar