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One of the most important safety-net issues for working women in Bangladesh is the access to maternity rights. Despite having laws in place, in reality, a significant portion of the working women do not have access to these benefits. Keeping that in mind, the purpose of this survey was to find out the awareness levels, compliances and current practices of the maternity Leave and other benefits for the women workers of three formal sectors – RMG, Leather and Pharmaceuticals. This was reflected upon from three different perspectives: from the perspective of Employees including Contract Workers to better understand the awareness, availability and access to these rights and including how the COVID-19 pandemic has effected them; from the perspective of the Employers to analyze and recognize the extent of implementations of such rights and barriers therein; and from the perspective of the Department of Labour to get insight on the industry inspection practices, available and required resources, the major barriers hindering successful implementation and to provide overall recommendations/suggestions for improvement.

Serial No: 216

Theme: Poverty and Vulnerability

Research Method: Mixed method

Partner: ECORYS

Starting Year: 2021

Study Area: Dhaka