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Shojag (awaken), a coalition consisting of Naripokkho, Christian Aid, BRAC, Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST), and SNV have been awarded a project by Global Fund for Women to reduce gender-based violence (GBV) in the garment industry by raising awareness, strengthening the capacity of accountable private and public bodies, protecting the rights and legal entitlements of female workers and engaging factories towards promoting systemic changes across the garment sector.

This project is under Global Fund for Women’s initiative to end gender-based violence in the garment industry. dRi conducted the baseline survey for Shojag project to understand GBV in RMG industries. The specific objective of the study was to carry out a baseline survey on GBV against women garment workers in selected garment factories, hostels or/and dormitories, communities of their residences, and the commute to/from work.

This includes parameters like functionality of existing harassment/grievance management committees, implementation of policies, types or natures of reported violence cases, access to services and access to information on reporting any GBV and relevant grievances, knowledge of and access to provisions for legal or psycho-social counselling and litigation supports for women garment workers to define/measure various facets of GBV in garment industries. It may also include assessing status of prevalent social and cultural practices,

Serial No: 65

Theme: Gender Rights and Violence

Research Method: Quantitative

Partner: Christian Aid

Starting Year: 2018

Study Area: Savar & Gazipur