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The evaluation aims to provide evidence-based findings to help UNHCR improve responses for PoCs through the SGBV, Child Protection and Education strategies. dRi was contracted as Bangladesh counterpart for the data collection. The findings indicated how the three strategies performed, and more importantly, the results formulated to guide the future direction of these strategies. This evaluation also aimed to examine to what extent the content and implementation of the strategies, as they were formulated in Geneva and interpreted by country offices, ultimately contribute to maximising protection outcomes. This evaluation had two aims: (1) to assess how well the three protection strategies meet their specified objectives; and (2) to explore how a combined protection package (child protection, sexual and gender based violence, and education) can improve. The three protection strategies was evaluated along three focus areas: (1) quality of the strategy, (2) implementation of the strategy and (3) results of the strategy. Each focus area had a specific evaluation objective.

Serial No: 112

Theme: Gender Rights and Violence

Research Method: Qualitative

Partner: Oxford Policy Management (OPM)

Starting Year: 2016

Study Area: Cox’sbazar