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Concern has implemented a graduation-style programme in urban areas of Bangladesh since 2016, under the Irish Aid-funded ‘Improving the Lives of the Urban Extreme Poor’ (ILUEP) programme, which aims to graduate participants out of extreme poverty. The ILUEP identifies 3 groupings of Urban Extreme Poor (UEP) households: pavement, squatter and undeveloped slum dwellers. In addition to the targeted individual livelihood support, the programme intends to deliver a comprehensive series of multi sectoral interventions. A research project has been commissioned to IDS to follow the livelihood trajectories of the Extreme Poor who are included in an integrated livelihoods support programme (similar to a Graduation programme) in urban Dhaka and Chittagong, including the impact policy has on this. The main purposes of this research are: (1) to understand why different households follow different livelihood trajectories, during and after their participation in the ILUEP programme, including the impacts of policy on this; and (2) to identify any additional support that could improve the prospects of sustainable graduation for ILUEP participants, and to strengthen their resilience against future livelihood shocks and stresses.” The study used qualitative method. dRi has been assigned by IDS to conduct the field work and collect primary data.

Serial No: 210

Theme: Poverty and Vulnerability

Research Method: Qualitative

Partner: Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Sussex, UK

Starting Year: 2021

Study Area: Dhaka, Chattogram