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Urban Mobility and the Margins in South Asia (Westminster Research Community Grant 2020-2021)” was intended to identify how policy drivers and frameworks for mobility solutions in Dhaka and Delhi engage with marginal communities living in urban peripheries. Project looked at how well current policies serve the marginal groups but also the role that these groups play in filling the rapidly expanding gaps in urban mobility. Project also focused on uneven mobility or the spatial, governance and social systems that produce the differential movement of marginal groups to enable seamless mobility for the elite is an important and less explored approach to understand the nature of urban exclusion in South Asia and the global south.
dRi conducted a pilot research survey, with a cross-section of up to 100 respondents from marginal communities (covering urban poor i.e.) women, minority groups, undocumented workers, recent migrants) by ensuring social distancing measures, as needed. In order to conceptualize and trial co-curation activities (story maps of journeys) with ‘marginal communities’ (women, minority groups, undocumented workers, recent migrants) study team developed specific research scope on their critical role in South Asian urban mobility as well as their uneven access to urban mobility.


Serial No: 179

Theme: Urban Mobility

Research Method: Qualitative

Partner: University of Westminster

Starting Year: 2020

Study Area: Dhaka