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EU is a reliable development partner for Bangladesh since 1973 in the country’s efforts to push the national development agenda forward but their development action and policies in Bangladesh were not sufficiently visible. To enhance the visibility of EU development cooperation in Bangladesh and to develop an appropriate communication with EU, Particip arranged to conduct a baseline survey. The study followed a mixed method approach and semi structured questionnaire for quantitative data collection and Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) to collect qualitative data . 500 respondents were surveyed from different target groups for the survey and 11 KIIs were administered for qualitative information. The baseline study revealed the existing visibility, potential scope where visibility may enhance and found out where more efforts are required in terms of communication and exposure. This baseline information along with the developed tool(s) would be useful to provide an information base against which to monitor and assess the progress and achievement of the project with regard to the stated objective(s).

Serial No: 173

Theme: Policy implementation

Research Method: Mixed Method

Partner: Particip-Red Orange

Starting Year: 2020

Study Area: Bangladesh