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Researchers & officials

Md. Sohel

Research Assistant

Md. Sohel has graduated with a Master’s in Public Administration and Governance studies from Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, where he developed a keen interest in social research. With over two years of experience in the field, he has focused on diverse areas such as education, poverty, human rights, social safety-net issues, and gender and women empowerment.

During his post-graduation, he collaborated with faculty member(s) as a data collector and actively participated in the development of research questionnaires for qualitative research projects. One notable study, titled ‘University Education and Labor Market Linkages,’ was published by the Institute of Research and Extension Center (IREC, JKKNIU). This study aimed to explore university students’ perceptions regarding the job market and the alignment of their education with market demands. He has successfully conducted some fieldwork projects, showcasing his expertise in qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. He excels in planning and designing research projects and has the ability to prepare comprehensive data analysis reports. In addition to his research skills, he also possesses experience in service quality and complaint management, project management, and human resource management. Throughout his professional journey, he has worked with renowned organizations such as bKash Ltd, SERAC Bangladesh, BRAC, and Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd.

Beyond his professional endeavors, he is an active member of various social and volunteer organizations. He is driven by a strong passion for human psychology, poverty and education, health and nutrition, climate change, and gender equality. With his diverse skill set and deep commitment to social issues, he continues to contribute to the betterment of society through his research and active engagement in social initiatives.

Koushik Roy

Research Assistant

Koushik Roy, a recent graduate with a Master’s degree in Anthropology from Jahangirnagar University, has embarked on an academic journey that has fortified his understanding of the field. His active involvement in diverse research projects has allowed him to delve into topics such as migration, culture, human behavior, indigenous peoples, and environmental studies.
After completing his master’s degree, Koushik joined Development Research Initiative (dRi) as an intern. During this period, he honed his skills in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. Now, as a Research Assistant at dRi, he plays a pivotal role in various research endeavors. Koushik’s proficiency extends to tools such as Microsoft Office Packages, KoBo Collect, Atlas.ti, and Nvivo. His eagerness to learn and explore new opportunities in the field of anthropology underscores his commitment to continuous growth and development.

Md. Mustafizur Rahman Shetu

Research Assistant

Md. Mustafizur Rahman Shetu is a highly motivated graduate with a strong Public Administration and Governance Studies academic background. Throughout his academic journey, he actively engaged in extracurricular activities and leadership roles. His dedication to education, creativity, and research is evident through his extensive list of publications and a keen passion for exploring new horizons. He aspires to contribute his skills and commitment to the dynamic research world.

Beyond academia, he has diverse experiences, including working as a Research Assistant on Exploring Changes and Innovations in Service Delivery: A Study on the Innovative Actions of Bangladesh Post and Impact of Covid-19 on Food Security: A Study in Two Selected Districts. He has been recognized with numerous awards and achievements, including champion in the Hult Prize on Campus two times, champion in an intra-university public speaking competition, and champion in the Bangla debate competition at Cadet College. Prestigious scholarships like the Bangabandhu Merit Scholarship further highlight his dedication to academic and extracurricular pursuits.

In addition to his academic and extracurricular achievements, Shetu possesses strong professional skills, including proficiency in MS Office, leadership, teamwork, and communication. His notable research publication, “Assessing Citizen’s Trust on Local Government: A Study on Muktagacha and Trishal Upazilla,” in the Journal of Governance and Development, and The Impact of Government Surveillance on Individuals’ Right to Privacy and Freedom of Expression in Bangladesh – International Conference on Technology, Business and Justice towards Smart Bangladesh |ICTBJ- 2023 reflects his academic skill. Moreover, he is currently engaged in ongoing research projects covering various topics such as e-governance, sustainable development, the safety of working women in the NGO sector, climate change and urban slums, the socio-economic gender gap in Bangladesh, and the mobile gender gap in South Asia.

Sheikh Sahanewaz

Research Assistant

Sheikh Sahanewaz has completed his BSS in Dept. of Archaeology from Jahangirnagar University. He has recently joined as a Research Assistant at Development Research Initiative (dRi ). He has about 7 years of experience in the field of social research. Previously, he has worked with James P Grant School of Public Health, Brac University, BRAC RED, Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED), Brac University, Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD).

He has expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methods, conducting training sessions for the field researchers, supervising the field researchers as well as ensuring the quality of data collection and research output and report writing. He has a clear understanding and interest in democracy practice, socio-economics and socio-politics, political and religious freedom, climate changes, women empowerment and gender equity.

Md. Redoan Hossain Bhuiyan

Officer, Data Analytics

Md. Redoan Hossain Bhuiyan, an Officer in Data Analytics, epitomizes excellence in the realm of data-driven decision-making. After graduating with honors & master’s in Geography and Environment from Jahangirnagar University, his journey into the world of data analytics began as a Research Assistant at the River and Delta Research Centre (RDRC), specializing in GIS and RS. This early involvement laid the groundwork for his subsequent roles, including his tenure at dRi, where he transitioned from a Research Assistant to an essential member of the Data team.

Mr. Redoan’s proficiency lies in his adept handling of complex datasets and his proficiency in spatial analysis. From data cleaning to developing high-frequency-check (HFC) programming and crafting comprehensive analysis plans, he demonstrates a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering actionable insights. His technical prowess extends to a wide array of software applications, including STATA, SPSS, SQL, PowerBI, ArcGIS, Survey CTO, Nvivo, MS Office Packages and more, making him a versatile asset in any data-centric endeavor. Throughout his career, Mr. Bhuiyan has collaborated with prominent organizations, contributing to impactful projects across diverse sectors. Moreover, his collaborative spirit and effective communication skills foster synergy and cooperation among cross-functional teams, driving forward projects with a shared vision of success.


Md. Din Islam

Research Assistant

Md. Din Islam has done his undergraduate and graduate studies with a degree in International Relations at Dhaka Universityfrom the Department of IR. He recently started working at the Development Research Initiative (dRi) as a Research Assistant. He is in the role of helping with the planning and design of research projects, leading training sessions for field researchers, supervising the field researchers, which makes sure that data collection and research output are of high quality, writing field reports, and helping with the final project reports.
Following the year of his post-graduation, he got the opportunity to work as a data collector for‘Bangladesh’s Foreign Policypedia’ at The Centre for Alternatives. This study aimed to explore the major events of Bangladesh from 1971 to 2020 under different volumes. Apart from that, he has actively engaged in a project during COVID-19 titled “Community Support Team” to ensure telemedicine for the localities in various parts of Dhaka city under FAO, USAID, and UKAID. He has been selected as the best Volunteer by BRAC for his excellent performance titled “Shathik Totthe Jibon Bache”.

Through his active participation in a variety of research initiatives, he has had the opportunity to study the foreign policy of different states, gender security in South Asia, global environmental politics, boat migration, and so on. In his master’s thesis, he had the opportunity to explore “The Reflection of Public Opinion in Foreign Policy of Bangladesh: A Reality Check for Hard and Soft Power Politics” to understand the power of public opinion in the foreign policy-making process.

Md. Imran Azad

Assistant Manager, Data Analytics

Md. Imran Azad is currently working as a Senior Officer of Data Analytics unit at Development Research Initiative (dRi) since January, 2018 to present. The major responsibilities performed under this organization include assisting in planning and designing of the research projects, conducting training session for the field researchers, and preparing questionnaire for survey, preparing Quantitative Data Collection Tools in various platforms such as ODK, Survey CTO, KOBO toolbox etc., operating data collection applications and maintaining servers like Survey Solution, Akvo Flow etc., supervising the field researchers and making sure that quality of data is collected, transcribe, transcript the primary materials and assist in conducting analysis of the data, assisting in cleaning raw data and analyzing it on various data analysis software like SPSS, STATA and maintaining communication with different donors for various research projects.

Md. Mostak Elehy

Junior Officer, Data Analytics

Md. Mostak Elehy has completed his graduation and post-graduation in Public Administration from University of Rajshahi. He is proficient in communicating, writing, reading and Speaking in English and Bengali. He is also expert in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point.His job responsibility includes conducting Focused Group Discussion and Public Hearing/ Consultation Meeting with Project Affected People, Data Entry, assisting In Data Cleaning, preparing EP ID card, and preparing Compensation Distribution List.

Md. Abu Sayeed

Junior Officer, Data Analytics

Md. Abu Sayeed is a passionate individual with a strong interest in data management, analytics, and research. He holds a post-graduate degree in Statistics which has helped him pursue his passion effectively. Currently, he is involved in research work and has already published a paper titled “Prevalence and underlying factors of mobile game addiction among university students in Bangladesh”.

Throughout his academic journey, he has developed excellent leadership skills, holding the position of Vice President for the “Statistics Association of Department of Statistics, Jahangirnagar University”. Additionally, he has participated in various extracurricular activities and was recognized as a finalist in the “Disaster Hackathon 1.0 in Bangladesh”. His project on predicting cyclone-associated rainfall was highly praised.

Sayeed is proficient in data processing, qualitative and quantitative analysis and various statistical methods. He has a sound knowledge of software such as R, SPSS, and STATA. Currently, he is working as a data analyst at dRi and contributing to different research projects by manipulating, processing, and analyzing data.

Ashiqur Rahman Rony

Junior Officer, Data Analytics

Ashiqur Rahman Rony is a data enthusiast with a strong foundation in statistics, holding a BSc degree from Government Titumir College. He is highly motivated to transform data into actionable insights and possesses skills in data collection, analysis, and reporting, enabling him to tackle complex projects across various fields. His experience includes internships at Brac JPGSH, freelance work on Upwork’s Analytics platform, and leadership roles in student organizations.

Rony has a strong understanding of research methodologies and is skilled at translating complicated data into concise and informative reports. He uses tools like Stata, SPSS, and R to aid in this process. His deep passion for data analytics led him to establish the Government Titumir College Analytics Club, aiming to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing among members of the data community. Additionally, during his undergraduate project, he focused on exploring the intriguing connection between internet usage, academic performance, and student mental health.


Wazida Hasan

Manager, Business Development and Knowledge
Management (BDKM)

Wazida Hasan has 08 (eight) years working experience as Social Researcher and Gender Expert. She has special skill in proposal writing and conducting social research for various international and national development organizations and consultancy firms. Range of her expertise includes conducting mixed method research, training sessions, advocacy on social issues.

She has training and extensive practical experience in gender, social inclusion, SRHR, Child rights, Health and Nutrition, Labour Rights, Humanitarian Crisis etc. She has special training on social and environmental safeguard policies used in the World Bank and ADB funded projects and programs. She is also well versed in project evaluation, policy research and the design of analytical research and evaluation methodologies in both fixed and flexible design approaches. She has expertise in Planning and designing of research projects, Preparing data analysis report etc.

She has been working with Development Research Initiative (dRi) from September 2019 as Senior Officer of Fundraising & Business Development unit and she is responsible for research designing, tools development, successful completion of projects etc. As part of her job she is responsible for maintaining communication with different development partners and other organizations for various research projects as needed. She has worked on projects funded by renowned organizations including UNDP, ILO, World Bank, ADB, Save the Children Oxfam etc

Fahmida Fesrdous Maria

Officer, Business Development and Knowledge
Management (BDKM)

Fahmida Fesrdous Maria has a Master’s Degree in Development Studies from BIGD, BRAC University. She has 4 years’ experience of working in project coordination, management and market research.  She has expertise in proposal writing, communication and supervision and has sound knowledge on SPSS and STATA. Currently she is working as a Junior Officer of Fundraising & Business Development unit at Development Research Initiative (dRi) and responsible for writing proposals and Expression of Interest (EOI). She is working with the researchers to ensure quality of information collected and research output. She is also responsible for conducting training sessions for the field researchers and visiting fields for supervising research teams in data collection, FGD, KII, IDI as required for research projects. She is interested in market or enterprise-based research, gender inequality, social safety-net, food security, climate change, disability and child rights.

Ayshee Rani Das

Junior Officer, Business Development and
Knowledge Management (BDKM)

Ayshee Rani Das has completed graduation and post-graduation in Public Administration from Jahangirnagar University. She has been working as a Research Assistant at Development Research Initiative from November, 2020. After joining at this organization, she has contributed in different projects as a Research Assistant with different organizations including  “Investigating the Impact of Mobile Internet Uptake and Use by Women” which was a project with CTIC (Centre for Technology, Innovation and Competition); “FHI 360 – Community Engagement Activities” a project with FHI Solution; “Final Evaluation of Inclusive Response to the Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis” a project with Save the Children Bangladesh; “Political Economy of COVID 19 Governance in Bangladesh” a project with BRAC Institute of Governance and Development; “Survival of Small Businesses: How Useful the Stimulus Packages Have Been” a project with Centre for Policy Dialogue; “Public Perception Survey – Partnership for a Tolerant, Inclusive Bangladesh (PTIB)” a project with UNDP Bangladesh; “Urban Mobility and Marginal Communities” a project with University of Westminster; “Indirect Effects of Covid-19 on Essential Health and Nutrition Services in Bangladesh: A Qualitative Study” a project with Oxford Policy Management and World Bank Bangladesh and many more. Moreover, she is also contributing in Translation and transcription of reports of various projects in Development Research Initiative (dRi).

During her graduation she worked in some qualitative researches with the faculty members as a translator and typist. Those researches were based on health and nutrition, social safety net, climate change and gender discrimination. She is also working with some voluntary organizations Physically Challenged Development Foundation (PDF) which aims at working for the physically challenged students; ‘Badhan- A voluntary blood donation organization and Programs in Youth Ending Hunger and other voluntary organizations gave her some experiences of leadership role in project or program coordination and management, time management, event management, communication, budgeting, and fund-raising.

Afrida Nuzhat Rasha

Junior Officer, Business Development and Knowledge Management (BDKM)

Ms. Afrida Nuzhat Rasha has recently completed her Masters in Economics from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. During the course of her education, she has developed an interest in social research as she worked on various research projects with faculty members, particularly focusing on areas such as multidimensional energy poverty, impact of gender discrimination on mental health, etc. Her training at university has provided her with a sound understanding of quantitative research methods and data analysis.

She also participated in various Model United Nations conferences while she was an undergraduate student, which further nudged her awareness about contemporary social and political issues. Ms. Afrida has joined Development Research Initiative with a keen interest to build a career in quantitative research.

Devsri Sarkar

Junior Officer, Business Development Knowledge Management (BDKM)

Devsri Sarkar has joined the Business Development and Knowledge Management team of dRi as a Junior Officer in 2024. In this role, she is responsible for writing final reports, maintaining communication and coordination with clients, presenting study findings to clients, developing study tools, monitoring the training of the field team, monitoring data quality, documentation, coordinating clients and field team. She has completed her graduation in 2023 and post graduation in 2024 with a Social Science degree majoring in Criminology from University of Dhaka. She has been passionate about research and writing since her sophomore year and associated with several research projects launched by her department since then.
She had previously worked as a Content Writer at Omnispace Ltd and as a Research Assistant at Inspira Advisory & Consulting ltd. During her academic life, she has conducted both qualitative and quantitative studies as part of her course requirement. She is experienced in developing data collection tools, taking interviews, report and proposal writing, conducting enumerators’ training sessions and communications.
She took part in a myriad of extracurricular activities that have significantly enhanced her research aptitude and expanded her comprehension of pertinent social issues. Alongside her professional and academic background, she is actively involved in several charity and volunteering organizations that work for social change. Devsri envisions to build a green society and contribute into the development of a sustainable society.

Nishat Jahan Ananna

Officer, Communication

Nishat Jahan Ananna has pursued her BSS and MSS degree in Disaster and Human Security Management from Bangladesh University of Professionals. She has been working as a Research Assistant in Development Research Initiative (dRi) from September, 2021. She is responsible for assistance in planning and designing of the research projects, conducting training sessions for the field researchers, supervising the field researchers as well as ensuring the quality of data collection and research output, preparing desk reports and providing assistance in preparing final project reports. During her graduation, she was the treasurer of BUP Disaster Management Forum (DMF) and a general member of BUP Research Society.

Besides, she provided translation and transcription services for different organizations in her university days. Furthermore, she is involved with different voluntary organizations which aim to work for social development. She is a development researcher with hands on experience in qualitative and quantitative methods, research design, research methodology, translation, transcription, field work/data collection, analysis and report writing. She has sound knowledge on Microsoft office and ArcGIS. Disaster management, climate change, gender inequality, urban poverty, food security, disability and child rights are the focus of her area of interest.

Sanjida Kabir Chowdhury

Junior Officer, Business Development and Knowledge Management (BDKM)

Sanjida Kabir Chowdhury has completed her graduation and post-graduation from the Department of Anthropology at Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST). Currently, she holds the position of Junior Officer of Business Development and Knowledge Management (BDKM) at Development Research Initiative (dRi). In this role, she assumes responsibility for drafting proposals, Expression of Interest (EOI), as well as providing support in crafting inception reports and conducting data analysis for designated projects.

With a background encompassing four academic fieldwork experiences and a proficiency in qualitative data collection methods, Sanjida brings a wealth of practical knowledge to her current endeavors. Notably, her undergraduate thesis delved into the anthropological examination of the alterations in burial rituals amid the COVID-19 pandemic within the North Dhaka City Corporation area.Sanjida’s professional interests extend to criminology, criminal psychology, health and nutrition, and social stigmatization, reflecting her multifaceted engagement with societal issues and human behavior.

Fariha Alam

Junior Officer, Business Development and Knowledge Management (BDKM)

Fariha Alam has completed her bachelor’s degree in Environmental science from North South University and previously she completed an internship in the Urban climate change programme of International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) as part of her degree prerequisite. During her academic life, she has conducted both qualitative and quantitative studies as part of her course requirements. In addition, she has experience in secondary research from her undergraduate thesis where she conducted a regional review on urban ecosystem services studies in South Asia. She initially joined dRi as an intern and currently she is working as a junior officer in the Business Development unit of dRi. Her major responsibilities include developing study tools, writing project reports, maintaining communication and coordination with clients, documenting and presenting study findings to clients. She is also responsible for overseeing the training sessions of field research teams and data quality whenever required. She has a special interest in cross-cutting issues like social justice, food security, gender-based violence, climate change adaptation and resilience, urban socio-cultural and environmental sustainability.

Raju Ahammed

Senior Finance and Admin Officer- I

Raju Ahammed has graduated with a Master’s in Islamic History and Culture from Rajshahi University. His responsibilities as a senior finance and administrative officer includes day to day administrative and financial issues, finance and accounts related activities including banking, keeping records of all types of inventory, preparing financial reports for the donors as required, maintaining communication with different donors for various research projects and communication with other organizations. He has also experience in conducting social research including quantitative and qualitative research tool development, field management, data processing and analysis. He has almost 16 years of programme implementation experience in Targeting the ultra-poor (TUP) & research experience in resettlement, rehabilitation and livelihood restoration of development interventions, gender and women empowerment, urban poverty, urban slums dwellers, disaster management, climate change and local adaptation strategies, food security and social safety-net issues. He worked with donor agencies including BRAC, BRAC University, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Manchester, World Bank, World Food Program (WFP), Save the Children, Oxfam, Overseas Development Institute (ODI), Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD) and other local and international organizations.

Tohidul Islam

Accounts and Finance Officer

Tohidul Islam, an accomplished finance professional, holds an M. Com in Accounting from the National University and boasts over 15 years of experience spanning Finance, Administration, and Operations. Currently, he works at Development Research Initiatives (dRi). He has experience in Books of Accounts and financial statements, meticulous payroll and tax management, and the overall financial monitoring of projects.

Prior to his role at dRi, he worked at renowned organizations such as FHI 360 and AED. His dedication and proficiency in financial management have been assets to the success of these organizations. He also contributed to the growth and prosperity of Technohaven Company Ltd., where his financial acumen played a vital role in achieving the company’s objectives.

Md. Wahab Ali

Admin Officer

Md. Wahab Ali has an MBA (Accounting) from Institute of Govt. Bangla Collage under Dhaka University. He has been working as an Admin Officer for two years. Before that he worked as a Research Assistant and Back Checker for dRi in different research projects for three years. His current job responsibility includes day to day administrative issues, supporting research teams deployed in different projects, assisting Senior Finance and Admin Officer in his tasks etc. For dRi he had opportunity to work with various national and international organizations including The World Bank, The World Fish, SNV, Save the Children, GRIPS, BRAC etc. in different research projects.

Jubaida Islam

HR Officer

Ms. Jubaida Islam joined dRi as a Research Assistant after completing her Bachelor’s Degree from American International University – Bangladesh. She has been successfully supporting research teams that deploy qualitative and quantitative methodologies in a number of projects. Her research experiences cover different sectors such as education, child marriage, child abuse and exploitation, legal rights and social development. Her expertise includes data processing and transcription of qualitative information.

Mahmudul Hasan


Mahmudul Hasan has completed his Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) degree in International Relations from Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University, Gopalganj. He is pompously sound in communication and holds a standard proficiency in French along with Bangla and English.
He has completed his thesis paper in the BSS final semester about ‘Inclusion of Gender Diversity in Bangladeshi Textbooks: Understanding the Third Gender Communities in Bangladesh’. Through his academic journey, he was affiliated with social organizations, volunteer activities, and the BSMRSTU Research Society. Besides, he obtained primary research experience as a research assistant. Currently, he is doing an internship at Development Research Initiative (dRi), where he is applying his knowledge and skills in various research projects.

Md. Hafigur Rahman

Sr. Office Assistant

Md. Hafigur Rahman is working as a Senior Office Assistant at dRi for 08 years. He has completed BA (Hons) and responsible for assisting senior managers and executives with their daily organizational tasks.He schedules both personal and professional tasks that the executive needs to complete. This involves organizing tasks by level of urgency, taking calls etc. He is also responsible for performing travel arrangements and reservations for senior managers and researchers.

Md. Ariful Islam

Office Assistant

Md. Ariful Islam is a high school graduate and working as a Junior Office Assistant at dRi for 06 years. His responsibilities include assisting the Senior Office Assistant in administrative activities.

Md. Tyzul Islam


Md. Tyzul Islam is working as the Caretaker of dRi since 2018.



Kholesha is working at dRi as a Cleaner. She has joined dRi in 2018