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Health and Sanitation

Health and Sanitation

Global health situation is observed on a variety of health components such as population, life expectancy, age structure of deaths, leading causes of global deaths, health of infants and small children, health of older children and adolescents and health of adults and older people. Despite significant progress in terms of access to safe drinking water and sanitation, increase in antenatal care and decrease in maternal mortality and diseases such as polio, tuberculosis and malaria, still a strong and continuous effort is essential to reduce the existing diseases and overcome the challenges related to health. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report many of the health indicators are yet to be achieved, for example, every year more than six million children still die before reaching the age of 5 years while maternal mortality rate is high in developing and least developed countries.

Today the world is fighting the challenge to ensure a healthy life and wellbeing for all people at all stages of life through a relentless effort that includes but not limited to reducing maternal mortality ratio, ending preventable deaths of newborn and children under 5 years of age, AIDS and other prevalent water-borne and communicable diseases along with strengthening country’s capacity for reducing health risk, managing health problems and creating health awareness in the community.dRi offers its expertise to contribute in world effort to improve health and sanitation.

Our expertise includes Research Design & Measurement, Feasibility Study, Socio Economic Study, vulnerability assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation, Impact Evaluation etc. employing advanced and contemporary quantitative and qualitative research tools.

Projects under this Theme

SL Theme Project Title Select
1 Health and Sanitation User Consultation and Refinement of An Integrated Community-Based MIYCN and PHC Service Package, and Capacity Building Materials for Trainers View
2 Health and Sanitation Trust, institutions, and collective action: how are communities responding to COVID-19 in Bangladesh? View
3 Health and Sanitation Research on the Vulnerabilities of Children with Disability (CWDs) From Low-income Households View
4 Health and Sanitation Programme Evaluation of the Population Movement Operation (PMO) WASH Program View
5 Health and Sanitation Measuring On-Site-Availability (OSA) of health products at service delivery sites in Bangladesh for Four Quarter View
6 Health and Sanitation Hydro Social Deltas project View
7 Health and Sanitation Final Evaluation of “Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Support to the Rohingya Refugee population and Bangladeshi Host Communities” Project View
8 Health and Sanitation Endline Study of Initiatives for Married Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment (IMAGE) Project View
9 Health and Sanitation Effects of air pollution on health in Bangladesh View
10 Health and Sanitation Economic Impact of Tuberculosis (TIB) among Bangladeshi Population and Economic Evaluation of the Current Approaches of Tuberculosis control in Bangladesh View
11 Health and Sanitation COVID-19 Rapid Urban Assessment Survey View
12 Health and Sanitation COVID-19 Rapid Surveys – 2020 View
13 Health and Sanitation Conducting Final Evaluation of ‘Working with Women Project View
14 Health and Sanitation Conducting Baseline Study for WASH SDG Project View
15 Health and Sanitation Conducting “Baseline for Gazipur City Corporation‟ under WASH SDG Project” View
16 Health and Sanitation Collecting data for performance monitoring survey of FSM Programme View
17 Health and Sanitation Baseline Study of Initiatives for Married Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment (IMAGE) Plus View
18 Health and Sanitation Annual performance monitoring survey 2019 for Khulna City Corporation, Jhenaidah and Kushtia Paurashavas under CWISE Project View
19 Health and Sanitation Annual performance monitoring survey 2019 for Jashore and Benapole Paurashavas under WASH SDG Programme View