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Migration and Human Rights

Migration and Human Rights

Lack of human rights-based migration governance at the global, regional and national levels is leading to the routine violation of migrants’ rights in transit, at international borders, and in the countries, they migrate to. This situation is more severe in the case of forced migration which causes refugee situation.

dRi works extensively in refugee situation, trying to fill the knowledge gap to minimize the vulnerability and sufferings of forcibly displace people and refugees. dRi has recently completed a research project called Building Resilience and Improving Learning Outcomes: Assessment, intervention and evaluation of Rohingya Refugee Children Education (April 2019- May 2019). dRi has contributed in total nine studies related to Rohingya issues including Access to Justice (IRC),

UNHCR’S Response to the Rohingya Refugees, the Potential impacts of this Population Influx on the Local Economy at Cox’s Bazar, Vulnerabilities and Social Protection Needs, llivelihood Resilience in Bangladesh, Education, Child Protection, Sexual and Gender Based Violence etc.dRi also works in legal labor migration issues. Currently, dRi is working with ILO in the project titled “Application of Migration Policy for Decent Work of Migrant Workers – Phase II”. Our expertise includes Research Design & Measurement, Feasibility Study, Socio Economic Study, Project/program Design,Monitoring & Evaluation, Impact Evaluation etc. employing advanced and contemporary quantitative and qualitative research tools.

Projects under this Theme

SL Theme Project Title Select
1 Migration and Human Rights UNHCR Consultancy Services for Multi Sector Programme Planning for the Rohingya Crisis View
2 Migration and Human Rights The Periodic Update of Baselines, Indicators and Monitoring Data for Output, Outcome and Impact Indicators” View
3 Migration and Human Rights Social Research for the Evaluation of UNHCR’S Response to the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh View
4 Migration and Human Rights Skills Demand Analysis on Ready-made Garments & Textile (RMG&T) and ICT Sector in Bangladesh View
5 Migration and Human Rights Research on the welfare of Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN) and the Potential impacts of this Population influx on the local economy at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. View
6 Migration and Human Rights Public Perception Survey – Partnership for a Tolerant, Inclusive Bangladesh (PTIB) View
7 Migration and Human Rights Programme Review of BRAC’s Humanitarian Crisis Management Programme in Cox’s Bazar View
8 Migration and Human Rights Data Collection Support for the Long-run Follow-up Survey and Scoping Support for the External Validity Survey on Mobile Money in Bangladesh View
9 Migration and Human Rights Common Service Evaluation (quantitative) Study 2022 in Cox’s Bazar View
10 Migration and Human Rights Collection of Baseline Data for Impact and Outcome Indicators View
11 Migration and Human Rights Building Resilience and Improving Learning Outcomes: Assessment, intervention and evaluation of Rohingya Refugee Children Education View
12 Migration and Human Rights BRAC Rohingya Refugee Situation in Bangladesh View
13 Migration and Human Rights Baseline KAP survey – Gender and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Host and Refugee Communities”. View
14 Migration and Human Rights Application of Migration Policy for Decent Work for Migrant Workers View
15 Migration and Human Rights Access to Justice Assessment View